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Tortola Power Charter

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Journey to a place where the legends of pirates linger on the shores, white sand beaches wrap around ports, and laid-back towns forgo the rush of life. Power cruising in the British Virgin Islands gives you the chance to find your own definition of the phrase “paradise lost.”

Take your luxury powercat through the extensive scattering of destination options that span from Tortola to Cooper Island to Virgin Gorda. Short passages mean you will have more time to explore the various isles and the surrounding shores. While an entire trip could be spent simply lounging on the different beaches, you will find it well worth it to hit the waves on a kayak, stand up paddleboard or fitted with goggles. Take advantage of what lies further inland as well where you will find charismatic bars and shops filled with keepsakes so you can always remember your time in the BVI.

Cruising in Tortola

Because of the excellent line-of-sight navigation and sheltered waters, the BVI has become one of the top destinations for a powerboat yacht charter. Easily anchor or pick up a quick mooring for an overnight stay in and around Tortola where you will find the service a stress-free experience. After taking a rest at The Moorings Power base in Road Tow walk through the streets and take in the sights of welcoming locals and peaceful vistas. For those new to the powerboating scene, the BVI is an excellent starting point for hands-on experience without sacrificing a single view. Here you can leave behind any lingering winter chills and lose yourself in the balmy weather that mixes with the trade winds and makes cruising an opportune moment.

Tortola Highlights

It could be the dazzling blue waters around Virgin Gorda or the diverse onshore attractions on Tortola but the BVI has continued to lure in travelers again and again. Here you will find yourself cruising into sheltered waters while down below a rainbow of colors fill the sea with playful fish, delicate coral, and glistening waves. While traveling on your powerboat you can simply find a quiet spot, drop anchor and dive in to do some snorkeling or scuba diving. Your boat provides is more than a mode of transportation but an at-shore home for dining, sunbathing and taking in the views of the BVI. See for yourself what has made the British Virgin Islands so popular among sailors throughout the years.