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Powerboat Charter Destinations


Embark on a Mediterranean powerboat charter where you can find peace among the Dalmatian Islands and lose yourself in the history of Greece. Choices abound for those with an adventurous spirit and a desire to explore. The Aegean and Ionian Seas are sprinkled with sun-soaked villages and ports of call where you can tour among ancient ruins and fall asleep on soft-sand beaches.

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Agana Power Yacht Charter

The Dalmatian Islands in Croatia are among the most famous in the Mediterranean region. Wild, rugged, and mostly uninhabited, many are protected as national parkland and offer a varied and diverse cruising ground for an Agana motor yacht vacation.

More about Agana Power Yacht Charter

  • Gentle Waters
  • Kornati National Park
  • Close to Split, a UNESCO City
  • Islands of Hvar, Brac, and Vis
  • Mix of Lively and Quieter Bays
  • Trogir, a World Heritage Organization City


Fethiye Power Yacht Charter

Begin your powerboat yacht charter from The Moorings new location at Yacht Classic Hotel & Marina in Fethiye, Turkey. Explore the small seaside town before taking to the Lycian Coast surrounded by pine-covered islands and steep, shoreline coves.

More about Fethiye Power Yacht Charter

  • Bustling Town of Gocek
  • Snorkeling at Karacaoren Reef
  • Seven Mile Long Patara Beach
  • Anchorages Surrounded by Stunning Mountains
  • Numerous Historical and Archaeological Sites


Corfu Power Yacht Charters

Known for their beauty and historic significance, the lovely Ionian Islands off Greece’s northwestern shores are among the most attractive in the Mediterranean.

More about Corfu Power Yacht Charters

  • Gentle Boating Conditions
  • Sandy Beaches and Pebbly Coves
  • A Cosmopolitan Island
  • Great Greek and Italian Food
  • Easy Access to Paxos and Anti-Paxos
  • Straightforward Navigation


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