A Calabria sailing itinerary takes you to the beautiful Aeolian Islands. They are also called the Lipari Islands and lie just north of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 30 nautical miles from the Moorings base at the historic harbor of Tropea in the Calabria region of southern Italy (see Calabria maps). The cruising grounds blend chic ports of call such as Panarea Island, a favorite among the jet-setter crowd, with the quiet ambience of islands off the tourist track such as Salina. Swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on pristine beaches is a delight. Sightseeing tours of castles, fascinating archaeological sites, and historic waterfront villages are intriguing and educational. Browsing in eclectic boutiques where fashion is of the first order and dining in fine restaurants serving exquisitely prepared local cuisine is the essence of luxury. These are among the many pleasures of sailing in the Aeolian Islands, known for gentle winds and splendid anchorages.


Day 1

Panarea Island

When you go yachting in Panarea waters, you find yourself amid the glorious embrace of the Aeolian Islands, mountainous and rugged and seemingly lost in time. Panarea offers the best of both worlds, a quiet yet sophisticated ambiance and stupendous natural beauty. Gorgeous beaches for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing lure the rich and famous, who frequent the many upscale restaurants and nightclubs that have made Panarea a premier destination throughout Europe. The main village is Contrada San Pietro on the east side of island. North of the main town is Ditella and to the south is Drauto. Although the island is only 2.1 square miles, it has much to offer.

Day 2

Lipari Island

The largest of the Aeolian Islands at 30 square miles, Lipari is the focal point of the archipelago. Numerous shops, restaurants and bars are in the main town of Lipari and others are in the four smaller villages. Lipari Island yacht charter is magnificent, with impressive mountain heights, rugged shorelines and beautiful beaches all in evidence as the wind carries your yacht to its destination for the night.

Day 3

Vulcano Island

In 183 B.C., a tremendous undersea eruption shook Vulcano. The seafloor at the northern end of the island burst open and torrents of molten lava and rock flowed outward, creating an appendage to the larger island. Just over a century ago, the mountain known as Vulcanello erupted again, this time forming a strange configuration of basaltic sculptures the locals nicknamed the Valley of the Monsters. Vulcano Island yacht charters usher you into the rich geological history of the Aeolians and this is bound to enthrall as you venture forth to discover the delights of this unique island.

Day 4

Salina Island

This island differs from the rest of the Aeolians in that its numerous water sources have made the fertile volcanic soil ideal for supporting abundant plants and trees, including large expanses of strawberries, blackberries and Indian figs. More than 400 species of plants and trees grow on the mountainous slopes of the three extinct volcanoes that dominate the skyline. Scenic anchorages, picturesque harbors, and a variety of shops, restaurants and bars in the three villages and five hamlets make Salina Island both enjoyable and relaxing in a verdant Mediterranean setting.

Day 5

Stromboli Island

The volcanic island of Stromboli is the easternmost of the Aeolians. At just 7.8 square miles, it’s almost entirely dominated by the nearly perfect isosceles triangle of the still active Serra Vancori. In fact, the geological record suggests that the volcano has been erupting in a small way for roughly 2,000 years. Naturally, the impressive volcano with its elevation of 3,031 feet above sea level is the main feature of Stromboli, but the island has two charming villages that are also fun to explore. The piazza in the main port of Ginostra is typical of the Mediterranean with whitewashed shops and narrow streets. There are some excellent restaurants. Stromboli is known for its superb Neapolitan and Sicilian cuisine, including the traditional sweet cannoli, a treat you don’t want to miss while you’re ashore. As is the case in the waters of its counterpart, Vulcano, Stromboli Island sailing is an impressive showpiece of Nature.

Day 6


Visiting historic Tropea is like stepping back in time. Much of its original architecture dating back to the 1500s remains intact, giving you at least a small sense of what life was like there centuries ago. Tropea sailing vacations allow you to experience first-hand the beauty of the nearby Aeolian Islands.

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