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Details & Paperwork

The Moorings offers a wide range of charter options to choose from and services to help make your holiday easy and unforgettable. Regardless of your experience, you can charter with The Moorings on our custom built fleet in any or all of our breath-taking worldwide destinations. 

View the sections below to find your ideal charter style, essential extras for your trip, important details and policies, and more.

The Moorings Charter Details and Paperwork

What’s Included on your Yacht?

All Moorings boats carry state-of-the-art equipment and many on-board amenities. We outfit our yachts in the same manner you would your own boat, so you can relax and enjoy your time with family and friends. On a Moorings charter, you will find all of the gear and equipment you need to make your holiday safe, comfortable, and fun.  And, as part of every charter with The Moorings, you will receive a complimentary Moorings Care Package that includes ice, paper towels, rubbish bags, matches, bath soap, toilet paper, sponges, dishwashing liquid and insect spray.  For a complete list of all items that are included on your yacht and with your charter, visit our What’s Included pages.

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4-Hour Commitment

The Moorings guarantees that if you have a breakdown during your charter, we will complete repairs within four (4) hours of notification, or you will be compensated for your holiday time lost.

Learn about our 4-Hour Commitment

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Planning Tools

Travel Notes
Located in the Travel Notes tab of every destination, you will find all of the information that you need to know when planning your charter. Learn all the details you need to make your trip smooth and worry free, including:

Cruising Guides
We offer cruising guides for some of our destinations. Slip into island time faster by learning about your destination and planning your itinerary with your crew in advance. Once you book your Moorings charter, we will send you a link on your invoice to our complimentary online cruising guides.

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Deposit and Payment Schedule

40% deposit is due upon booking, with 60% additional deposit due 90 days prior to departure.

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Yacht Damage Waiver

Our Yacht Damage Waiver reduces  your possible financial liability should your yacht or equipment be damaged  during your holiday. This insurance is not optional and the cost  will be included in your Holiday Quote.
Read more about our Yacht Damage Waiver.

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Documentation and Paperwork

We’re looking forward to having you aboard, and we’re working to ensure your best ever holiday! Before you leave for your holiday with The Moorings please be sure you have signed and returned all of your mandatory forms. We request that al items be returned at least 90 days prior to your travel date. Please note that some documents must be returned within 14 days of receipt of your charter packet. If your charter begins within 30 days, it is  essential that the above paperwork be completed and returned immediately, along  with payment in full. By doing so, we can make sure that everything  is in perfect order upon your arrival.

Terms and conditions
Please read our Booking Terms and Conditions by following the link:
The Moorings UK – Bookings Terms and Conditions

Guest list
For your convenience, you can now log into Manage my Booking to add your guest list online.

Other charter forms

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