Bahamas Yacht Charters

The Bahamas have long been a popular destination for travellers of all kinds from all corners of the world.

The islands are most well-known for commercial cruise ship and resort holidays, but what if you prefer the slower pace of hidden harbours and sleepy seaside settlements? Aboard a Moorings yacht charter, charterers can experience the Bahamas as never before.

The Abacos are a lesser-known group of islands and barrier cays located in the northern Bahamas, where laid-back vibes, historic colonial charm, and postcard-worthy views reign supreme. And nestled just 35 miles south-east of Nassau, the Exumas harbour some of the most unspoilt pieces of paradise in the Caribbean, many of which can only be accessed by boat. Choose an Abacos or Exumas yacht charter to discover an enchanting holiday you’ll want to relive again and again.

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