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Crewed Yachts

Escape ordinary holidays and come discover one of a kind on-board luxury on your own first-class yacht. Indulge in the most blissful surroundings while an expert captain and personal gourmet chef provide a five-star charter experience for your entire group. With a resort-like holiday platform at your feet, and all-inclusive leisure in your favour, unforgettable moments on the water await.

Step aboard one of our state-of-the-art yachts designed specifically for the ultimate Crewed holiday experience on the water. Our innovative fleet features a wide range of expertly-crafted yachts that deliver impeccable performance and resort-like accommodations. Explore some of the most exquisite destinations in the world while cutting-edge technology and stylish comfort provide a safe and smooth holiday on the water that is impossible to forget.

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Crewed Yachts

Sail Charters

Harness the wind with a sailing holiday aboard an innovative catamaran or sleek monohull in one of over 20 idyllic destinations. If you’re new to sailing, an expert Moorings Skipper can take the helm for an amazing adventure of discovery on the water like no other.

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Power Charters

Whether you choose to take the helm yourself, or hire an expert Moorings Skipper, with a Moorings Power charter you’ll arrive in comfort and style. Our state-of-the-art Power catamarans are a stable, fast and fun holiday platform for an amazing holiday escape with family and friends.

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Crewed Yachts

By-the-Cabin Charters

When an entire yacht is more than you need, The Moorings By-the-Cabin Crewed Charter Holidays offer all the perks of a full all-inclusive Crewed yacht for the price of a single en-suite cabin. Ideal for parties of one or two.

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