Power Yacht Charters in Dubrovnik 

Get ready to go farther and faster on your next powerboat holiday.  

The Moorings is proud to announce that power charters will soon be available in Dubrovnik aboard The Moorings 403PC, from the 2024 summer season. The key to an unforgettable Dubrovnik cruising adventure that is both fast and fun lies right beneath your feet, on a state-of-the-art Power yacht that doubles as a premier holiday platform built for optimal comfort and performance on the water. The Moorings 403PC delivers just that, and more. 

This mid-size Power catamaran allows charter parties with up to 6 guests to see more, in less time. The possibilities for adventure are endless aboard your own private 3-cabin 403PC, which comes with spacious common areas, generator-fuelled air conditioning, and 360-degree visibility from the fully equipped flybridge. Featuring a fresh modern design from world-renowned boat builders Robertson & Caine, the 403PC is your all-access pass to charter paradise in the ever-enchanting Dubrovnik


Why visit Dubrovnik? 

Affectionately dubbed the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik’s glistening marble-carved alleyways, ancient citadels, and crystal-clear waters are bound to intrigue you. With its Riviera extending from the picturesque inlet of River Neretva to the tip of Ostro in the south of Croatia, you’ll soon find Dubrovnik is rich in UNESCO-worthy sites, historic gems, and renaissance villas, while also offering plenty of breath-taking landscapes and National Parks for those wishing to take their adventure to the water.  

Read on to find some of The Mooring’s top tips for the ultimate summer charter holiday in Dubrovnik, on and off the water! 

Wander the Dubrovnik Old Town city walls 

You can’t visit Dubrovnik without wandering through its intricately spectacular system of forts, bastions, and iconic stone towers. With fortification going back to as early as the Middle Ages, the Dubrovnik City Walls stand as a testament to Dubrovnik’s nickname – “the unconquerable city”, as the walls have never been breached.  

Withstanding several earthquakes and bombardment by the British, Austrian, and Yugoslavian forces, the walls today still enclose Dubrovnik’s historic centre, and it is possible to walk along them to enjoy the best views of the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ and the surrounding lush green islands. Dubrovnik’s Baroque churches, monasteries, and palaces; its Renaissance fountains and facades, are all intertwined with gleaming wide marble-paved squares, steep cobbled streets, and houses, all of which have also remained unchanged for centuries. 

Old Town, Dubrovnik

Cable car trip for the best view of Dubrovnik 

The Dubrovnik Cable Car has been taking travellers up to the top of Mount Srd since 1969. In just four short minutes, you’ll reach the peak and be treated to breathtaking views of Dubrovnik, the Adriatic Sea and more. At the top, check out the fortress, dine with a view and exceptionally stunning at sunset. For the best value, choose a tour that combines the cable car, Old Town walking tour and the Dubrovnik City Walls. 

Power Yacht Charters in Dubrovnik 

Kayak around Dubrovnik’s coastline at Sunset and paddle further afield 

The azure blue, millpond-esque waters of the Adriatic Sea offer the perfect paddling ground for kayaking, and you don’t have to be limited to kayaking around the mysterious island of Lokrum either. The Moorings holidays offer optional extras such as kayaks and stand-up paddle boards on your yacht charter, so you can take them around the Elaphiti Islands to use at your leisure and most importantly, on your schedule. 

Once you’ve had your fill of exploring the mesmerizing blue cave of Lokrum, had a picnic on the hidden beach of Betina, and skirted around the towering citadel-studded coastline at Sunset, we’d recommend anchoring in Koločep Island to take your kayak out for a spin on its crystalline waters to discover a myriad of secret coves and blue caves.  

Koločep Blue Cave 

Koločep is one of the most picturesque islands of the Elaphite archipelago. Here you can enjoy magical diving in four connected underwater shallow caves with high ceilings and sandy and gravelly bottoms at a depth of about 12 meters. Also, it is possible to enter by swimming. 

Blue cave

Snorkel in Šipan and soak up the history 

After you’ve seen the vibrant peacocks and blue caves of Lokrum just 10 minutes off the coast of Dubrovnik, head towards the turquoise blue shores of Šipan. A 45-minute journey on the water takes you to the picturesque harbour of Suđurađ on the east coast Šipan, where you’ll find translucent bays filled with sea urchins, fish, and coral shells that are great for an afternoon of snorkelling. 

Known for its famous local wine made from Plavac Mali grapes, this island is dotted with quaint fishing villages and fortified castles to explore. Amid its cypress trees, olive groves, and sun-kissed vineyards, Šipan was once a firm favourite with the Dubrovnik aristocracy who built several forts and housing in the mid-15th Century and was even inhabited by the Romans. While you’re there, visit Sipanska Luka, to see relics from the former glory days of Ragusa (Dubrovnik Republic) and a scattering of ancient Roman ruins. We’d recommend in particular seeing the striking Magistrates Palace and remains of St Peter’s Church.  

Power Yacht Charters in Dubrovnik 

Head to Lopud for the beaches 

Noted for its handful of blissfully white sandy beaches, Lopud is said to be one of the most eye-catching settlements of all the Elaphiti’s. Approximately 1 hour away from Dubrovnik by boat, the developed island of Lopud is blessed with exotic gardens and dotted with ruined fortresses. A beautiful 30-m high bell tower of a Franciscan Monastery can also be spotted as soon as you cruise into the quay at Lopud Harbour. 

The best way to spend your time in car-free Lopud, would be to stumble on clusters of ruins, monasteries, and 17th-century churches then stopping for lunch at Obala, for local white fish marinated with citrus fruits and carpaccio octopus that overlooks Lopud’s waterfront. But no trip to Lopud is complete without heading to one of Croatia’s most prime beach spots – Šunj beach. Located on the south side of the island, Šunj’s warm crystalline shallow waters, make it a perfect way for families and couples to spend an afternoon winding down surrounded by lush forests that give it a more secluded feel. 

Power Yacht Charters in Dubrovnik 
Lopud island, Croatia

Explore Korčula 

Like most of Croatia, Korčula is brimming with natural beauty. But Korčula is also home to a spectacular wine culture, a stunning old city, a collection of hidden beaches, endless olive groves, quaint cobblestone streets, boutique shops, restaurant-lined alleyways, and some unique dining specialties. 

Lovers of old architecture have plenty to see on Korcula Island, especially in its main town, where the Old Towns’ system of ramparts is very well preserved. Its entrance from the south – Land Gate, is worth seeing as well as the magnificent St. Mark’s Cathedral. Korcula is also allegedly the birthplace of the famous Marco Polo.  


Drink wine in Lumbarda 

Lumbarda is a small fishermen’s village located on the eastern end of the Island of Korčula, few kilometres away from the town of Korcula, in Croatia. A road passing through a picturesque area of pine woods and olive groves connects these two places. The village is surrounded by sandy vineyards with well-known white wine ‘Grk’ produced from the local grape. 

Sandy beaches Vela Przina, Bilin Zal and Tatinja are among the most popular in the area. The village is also a tourist centre. Most of its 1200 inhabitants are wine-growers, fishermen and stonemasons, actively participating in the local tourist industry. Lumbarda provides an ideal location for a traditional seaside Mediterranean holiday. 


Visit Mljet National Park 

Mljet National Park is a beautiful park covering the majority of the northwest part of Mljet Island in Croatia. Although mostly known for its two picturesque saltwater lakes, Mljet National Park has plenty to offer, including exploring its lakeside paths by bike, hiking, and cave exploring. 
This is a great day-stop on your charter, take a hike or rent an e-bike to get around. Enjoy plenty of swim and photo stops, floating in the salty lake, and take a picnic along for the ultimate excursion. 

Mljet National park

Enjoy Okuklje 

Okuklje is a village on the northern shore of the island of Mljet. This beautiful little bay is a popular summer destination for visitors to Mljet. The bay is also a popular anchorage spot for sailors as a safe haven (in case of bad weather) on their way along the coast to Dubrovnik.  

Facing Croatian Mainland, this relaxed seaside small and quiet village offers several holiday houses and apartments, a couple of restaurants, cafes, and a lot of good swimming spots to enjoy the clear waters. The hills around the bay are excellent hiking locations offering great views over the channel. 


The Mediterranean season is almost here – consider the beautiful Dubrovnik in Croatia

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