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The 15 Best Holidays for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Skip-generation travel (grandparents taking grandchildren on holiday, hence ‘skipping’ a generation) is one of the top travel trends of 2024, with grandparents looking to create lifelong memories with their grandchildren.

Whether your grandchild is celebrating a milestone, you’re supporting with childcare during the School holidays, or you simply want to spend more quality time as a family, there’s no better feeling than taking your grandchildren on holiday. 

From Mediterranean hotspots to slices of Caribbean paradise, we are shining a light on the best holidays for grandparents and grandchildren with our skip-gen index that showcases the top 15 global destinations for skip-gen travel based on popularity, safety, diversity of activities and accessibility of beaches, and sharing how you can experience them on a whole new level aboard a Power yacht.

From Croatia and Greece to the BVI and Antigua, there’s a family-friendly destination for everyone to fall in love with, and we hope that you can use our list to inspire your next skip-gen holiday.

How did we create our skip-gen holidays map?

With so many incredible skip-gen destinations around the world ready to be enjoyed by grandparents and grandchildren, we have used a range of online search data, Tripadvisor reviews, information from official tourism boards, and geological data to rank destinations based on the following factors:

Each destination has been ranked against these factors and given a score out of 17. 

The higher the score, the more ideal the destination is for skip-gen holidays.

Any destination that received the same score as another has then been ranked based on average yearly temperatures.

So, let’s dive in and find out which destinations have made our list of the top 15 holiday hotspots for skip-gen travel.

Skip-Gen Travel Index: The 15 Best Holidays for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Skip Gen Travel

1: Dubrovnik, Croatia

dubrovnik skip gen travel

Dubrovnik in Croatia takes the top spot on our list of the best skip-gen destinations, scoring an impressive 15 out of 17. 

Dubrovnik is the perfect skip-gen destination as there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy, from learning about the history of Old Town to swimming in the shallow waters of Šulić Beach – ideal for children as, according to one Tripadvisor review “has a lifeguard present” to keep everyone safe. 

With warm waters, sizzling Summer temperatures and amazing snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities, the Adriatic Sea makes for a particularly brilliant skip-gen sailing holiday. 

We offer two charter bases in Croatia to cast off from and set sail into the sunset. Both bases have all the amenities you need for a smooth sailing trip, from supermarkets to swimming pools and laundry facilities. With everything all in one place, our Dubrovnik and Agana charter bases are perfect for skip-gen travel with younger children as all the amenities are very accessible.

If you’re considering a yacht charter holiday to Croatia, we’d recommend a Power yacht for your skip-gen trip. Not only are power yachts faster and more powerful than sailing yachts, they also offer a more stable and smooth experience, meaning you can reach the next place on your itinerary quicker and in greater comfort.

2: Sicily, Italy

The 15 Best Holidays for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Very popular with young families, people over 50 and just about anyone who visits, it’s no wonder Sicily is the second best destination for skip-gen travel with a brilliant score of 14 out of 17. 

Sicily is easy to get around, with scenic train rides and buses being very popular on shore,perfect for travelling with children – one Tripadvisor reviewer said they were “very glad that [they] did not get a car, and never wished [they] had one”. 

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, it also couldn’t be easier to explore some of the nearby islands by boat, such as Vulcano and Lipari, giving you a unique way to experience a skip-gen holiday. With so many stunning islands to explore near Sicily, a skip-gen sailing holiday is a brilliant idea. 

Sailing adventures are particularly great for grandparents and grandchildren because they offer the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. 

You have the opportunity to take the helm and navigate your way around the Mediterranean Sea on a bareboat charter, or you can hire a Skipper and spend the day playing games with your grandchildren up on deck as you sail to your next destination. 

If you want to experience the joy and convenience that a fun-filled sailing charter in Italy brings, take a look at our charter bases in Sicily, Procida and Sardinia, each of which has all the local amenities you need to start your skip-gen trip in style.

3: Crete, Greece

crete skip gen travel

Rounding up the top three on our list of the top 15 destinations for skip-gen travel is Crete, the largest of all the Greek islands, scoring a fantastic 14 out of 17.

Beautiful weather, stunning scenery, lots of cultural activities and over 130 Blue Flag beaches (the highest number out of all the destinations we researched), Crete is one of the best places to travel with grandchildren if you’re looking for a thrilling but safe adventure!

With over 6,000 islands to be explored, we think one of the best ways to experience the very best of this Mediterranean wonderland is by Power yacht. Less intense than a sailing yacht due to its engines making it easy to manoeuvre, a Power yacht offers a fast, fun and convenient way for grandparents and grandchildren to uncover the treasures that Greece has to offer. 

We offer two bases in Greece, one in the cultural paradise of Athens, ideal if you want your grandchildren to gain a deeper understanding of ancient history and culture on your holiday, and another in scenic Corfu where you can explore the beautiful Ionian Islands.

4: Mallorca, Spain

The 15 Best Holidays for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Scoring 14 out of 17, Mallorca is a beautiful skip-generation holiday hot spot loved by grandparents and grandchildren alike.

Mallorca is one of the most popular family holiday destinations in the world, with the hashtag #Mallorca being used on over 14.6million Instagram posts as of March 2024, which gives younger children and over 50s plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make friends on a skip-gen holiday.

Boasting over 20 incredible blue flag beaches, we know you and your grandchildren will enjoy a blissful, fun-filled holiday to remember in Mallorca. The best part? Many of the beaches have wheelchair access and assisted bathing points, ensuring everyone can enjoy relaxing in the Spanish sun.

5: Clearwater, Florida

florida skip gen travel

Warm waters, clean beaches, very walkable and lots of things to do for younger children, what’s not to love about a skip-generation holiday in Clearwater?

Scoring a wonderful 13 out of 17, Clearwater enjoys average yearly temperatures of 23 degrees and the main Clearwater Beach even has a walkway, making it easy to walk along if you have a pushchair for younger grandchildren. The beach is also very close to amenities such as restaurants, shops and toilets which makes for a convenient, stress-free day out.

6: Cornwall, UK

cornwall skip gen travel

With an impressive score of 13 out of 17, the sixth best destination for skip-gen travel is Cornwall.

Officially the safest county in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, Cornwall is ideal if you want to holiday in the UK.

Will you spend your days relaxing on one of Cornwall’s 400 beaches, exploring the stunning Tintagel Castle or hiking around the county’s rugged coastline?

7: Antigua

antigua skip gen travel

Scoring 12 out of 17, Antigua offers a slice of Caribbean heaven to everyone who visits and is home to some of the world’s best swimming, snorkelling and diving opportunities, ideal if you’re looking for an adventurous holiday with your grandchildren.

With crystal clear waters, beautiful weather and sensational beaches, you and your grandchildren will enjoy a trip to remember. The best part? Antigua is renowned for being a safe island, with one Tripadvisor reviewer saying “Antigua is among the safest places we have ever been to”.

Dreaming of your skip-gen holiday in the Caribbean? But want to ensure it’s as safe, convenient, low-maintenance and fun as possible? Consider a sailing charter where you and your grandchildren have the freedom to sail to the other Leeward Islands in style. 

Just you, your grandchildren and the stunning crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, we think you’ll love a private, calm yacht charter in Antigua. With easy access to a supermarket, laundry facilities, restaurants and with 24 hour security to ensure you feel safe at all times, take a look at our charter base in Antigua and build a quote today.

8: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Vallarta Skip Gen Travel

Described as “a great down to earth vacation destination for all types of people”, it’s no surprise that Puerto Vallarta has made our top 15 list of the best skip-gen holiday destinations, scoring 12 out of 17.

Renowned for its perfect beaches, fantastic watersports opportunities and stunning scenery, Puerto Vallarta has everything you need to enjoy a blissful skip-gen holiday. Very clean, ideal for snorkelling and covered in soft sand, Nuevo Vallarta Beach is one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta to visit with children. Another favourite is Playa Palmares which is a Blue Flag beach and has wheelchair access, ensuring it’s easy to get to for the whole family.

9: Papeete, Tahiti

tahiti skip gen travel

Are you hoping to make incredible memories with younger grandchildren? With shallow and calm waters, the beaches around Papeete are ideal for toddlers which is why this destination has scored 11 out of 17.

Papeete is a brilliantly family-friendly destination and Tahiti is also in close proximity to other French Polynesian islands so you have the unique opportunity to take your grandchildren on a sailing adventure to other destinations too. 

If you decide to set sail around French Polynesia, take a look at our charter base in Tahiti, which is just five minutes from the airport and offers free mooring/a free berth if you’re sailing one of our yachts. With restaurants, bars, snorkelling equipment, kayaks and more available at our base, we take the stress out of skip-gen travel so you can focus on making beautiful memories with your grandchildren.

10: Sifnos, Greece

greece skip gen travel

The second Greek island to make it onto our list of the best destinations for skip-gen travel, Sifnos has scored a brilliant 11 out of 17.

When you visit Sifnos with your grandchildren, you’ll be stepping into paradise. Perfect for an active holiday, look forward to swimming, walking, & snorkelling.

If you want to explore the beauty of Sifnos, check out our Athens charters which have easy access to the Cyclades.

11: Carvoeiro, Portugal

portugal skip gen travel

If you want to experience traditional Portuguese culture and relax on some of the best beaches in the Algarve, visit Carvoeiro with your grandchildren.

Scoring 11 out of 17, you’ll fall in love with the beauty of Carvoeiro. The best part? The beaches are ideal for younger children as many of them, such as Praia de Carvoeiro, are monitored by lifeguards throughout the day.

12: Isle of Wight, UK

isle of wight skip gen travel

The second destination in the UK to make the list of the world’s best destinations for grandparents and grandchildren is the Isle of Wight, scoring 11 out of 17.

One of the safest areas in the UK, take your grandchildren on an action-packed holiday to the Isle of Wight & enjoy beaches, adventure parks and more. The Isle of Wight is a particularly popular UK holiday destination, with over 1.3 million posts on Instagram using the hashtag #IsleOfWight.

13: Punaauia, Tahiti

tahiti skip gen travel

Tahiti is such a fantastic skip-gen travel destination that it’s made the list twice, with Punaauia scoring 10 out of 17.

Easy to walk around, very safe for tourists & close to beautiful beaches, Punaauia is a fantastic holiday destination for grandparents and grandchildren. With stunning waters, soft sand and plenty of activities such as volleyball, Vaiava Beach (also known as PK18) is one of the best beaches in Punaauia. Its close proximity to the road makes it easy to get to, and the toilet facilities also make it a very accessible beach for the whole family.

14: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

bvi skip gen travel

Enjoy a skip-generation holiday in the sailing capital of the Caribbean. With average yearly temperatures of 28 degrees, Tortola in the BVI has scored a fantastic 9 out of 17.

With incredible marine life and calm waters, you and your family can spend hours playing in the crystal clear waters and visiting nearby islands. The beauty of Tortola’s central location is that you can easily sail to Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke for more unique and exciting holiday experiences.

Despite scoring slightly lower in our index (it’s less searched for than our other destinations, with 604k posts on Instagram using the hashtag #BVI) if you’re looking for a quieter, more tranquil skip-gen holiday with secluded coves, beaches only accessible by boat and opportunities to switch off from the world, you and your grandchildren will fall in love with the BVI. It’s still the perfect family-friendly destination that will be loved by over 50s, younger children and everyone in between. 

What is the best way to experience the magic of the BVI with your grandchildren? Make the most of the calm cruising conditions and stunning turquoise waters by booking your own private Power yacht charter where you can explore uninhabited islands with both speed and style, relax on golden beaches and challenge yourselves to thrilling watersports activities such as scuba diving. If you want to treat your grandchildren to a fun-filled adventure in the Caribbean, take a look at our charter base and build your BVI yacht charter quote today.

15: Grand Baie, Mauritius

mauritius skip gen travel

The final destination on our list of the best skip-gen travel hotspots is Grand Baie in Mauritius, scoring 7 out of 17.

With countless opportunities for adventure in the turquoise waters, Grand Baie is the perfect skip-generation holiday destination for teenagers. If you want to spend your days snorkelling, swimming and admiring stunning marine life, take your grandchildren to Pereybere Beach where you’ll create memories to last a lifetime.

What is the best way to travel on a skip-gen holiday?

So, there you have it…the 15 best holidays for grandparents and grandchildren. Each destination on this list is unique in its offering, from beautiful sandy coves to historic attractions, but what they have in common is their popularity, ease of access, safety, abundance of activities and brilliant beaches that are perfect for both younger children and seniors.

As you start planning your next skip-gen adventure, you might be thinking about the best way to travel around these beautiful destinations. Chartering a yacht to explore these wonders is great if you want to experience their treasures onshore and in the waters around them. In particular, we think Power yachts are the perfect skip-gen travel companion. Why?

Find out more about the benefits of chartering a Power catamaran. You can also learn more about how you and your grandchildren can enjoy the skip-gen holiday of a lifetime on one of our innovative Power charters, and browse our world-class range of Power yachts

If you have any questions about skip-gen travel, any of our sailing destinations or Power charters, please get in touch with us today.



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