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A Better way to Charter: The Advantages of a Crewed Yacht Holiday


Benefits of choosing a crewed yacht charter for your next holiday.

Those who have experienced it understand it. There is simply no better way to reboot, recharge, and reconnect with your surroundings than aboard a luxury yacht charter holiday. There is just something about the islands, the white-sand beaches, and the serenity of having a world-class yacht all to yourself that no other type of holiday can match.

But let’s face it—sometimes the only thing you want to do once you have reached your destination is put your feet up with an hors d’oeuvre in one hand and glass of champagne in the other. Sometimes even the most devoted sailors want a break from the “all hands-on deck” lifestyle. So, for those in search of a truly relaxing escape, an all-inclusive crewed yacht is the pinnacle of holiday plans, and here are just a few reasons why.

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What is a crewed yacht charter? 

Having a crewed charter simply means all the work around operating your boat is taken care of by a professional on-board crew. From navigating through islands and taking you wherever your heart desires, to serving up your favourite cuisine each day, a crewed charter is the perfect option if you want ultimate luxury and relaxation on your yacht charter holiday. 

Enjoying Drinks on a Yacht

Why choose crewed and what are the benefits?

There are several benefits to a crewed charter. Here are our top four to help you make your decision. 


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1. Stress-free five-star service

The most obvious benefit of a crewed yacht charter is that it makes your holiday even more stress free. Your professional captain will be your personal guide to the local area, with extensive local knowledge. They will make sure to plan a route to your preferences, meaning you don’t have to worry about missing any highlights. Whether it’s secluded beaches or best places to shop, they will help you to discover everything your holiday destination has to offer. 

Once you are back on board after exploring a local destination, you will find your bed made, the yacht freshly cleaned and your favourite refreshments waiting for you. Whenever you want, your crew will set up kayaks and paddleboards for your use, to further help you discover scenic anchorages. Don’t lift a finger, everything is taken care of. 

2. Delicious dining

Having your own personal chef on board means that you don’t even need to think about cooking on your charter. All specific requests are considered, meaning every day you will experience a personalised menu. With a freshly cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner paired with happy hour cocktails and your favourite drinks, we won’t blame you if the yacht’s dining table becomes your favourite place on board. 

Crewed Yacht Cuisine

3. Tailored schedule

Your tastes and passions are unique, so what you want from your holiday will be different to others. Having a crewed charter means your schedule is for you to decide, with the professional assistance of your captain. Fill your days sunbathing on the most secluded beaches if you want to truly relax, or sail further and hop between islands if you want to fulfil your sense of adventure. Decisions can be made on the day and changed whenever you want, giving you the flexibility to make your holiday feel unique to your group. 

4. Disconnect and dive in

A crewed yacht charter makes it easy for anyone, no matter their previous experience on a yacht, to explore a stunning destination while enjoying world-class luxury. Spending time at sea, you will be able to disconnect from your existing worries and appreciate experiences you’ll never forget. With all the stress of a holiday handled for you, you will be able to focus on the important things, like spending time with your friends and family in a totally unique way. 

What are the options?

From the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Americas, to the Indian Ocean, Far East, and South Pacific, we have crewed charters on offer in incredible destinations around the world. Whether you choose a state-of-the-art sail or power yacht, we have something special to suit you.

If a fully crewed charter isn’t the option for you, there is the option of adding a skipper to your sail or power yacht charter. A skipper can join you for a morning, a few days or your whole charter, providing the flexibility to get you back up to speed with your sailing skills or to guide you through your whole holiday. 

For groups wanting to sail or cruise without an on-board crew, a bareboat charter is the option for you. Take your pick of our destinations and yachts, either power or sail and as long as you have the needed qualifications, you can take the helm. 

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Ultimate luxury relaxation awaits. To learn more about our crewed charter options, speak to one of our holiday planning specialists by calling on 033 0332 1545 or visit our crewed charter options online.


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