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St. Martin sunset

Top Picks for St. Martin by The Moorings Staff

No travel destination brings dream holidays to life like the delightfully-eclectic cultural melting pot of St. Martin. This one-of-a-kind Leeward island has made quite a name for itself in the travel industry, effortlessly embodying the best of Caribbean charisma paired with an elegant European flair.

Whether you’re a couple of lovebirds looking for a romantic getaway that rivals on perfection, a group of friends in need of some “out of office” time that is simply out of this world, or a family trying to escape “cookie-cutter” holidays, you can count on a St. Martin yacht charter with The Moorings to deliver an experience filled with extraordinary memories.

There is a little something for everybody in St. Martin, which bubbles over with sparkling white-sand beaches, laid-back island culture, and splendid upscale charm nestled all throughout the superb cruising grounds. Between the delectable French and Caribbean-influenced cuisine, the breathtaking views of cliff-lined coastlines, and the historic remnants of stories past, it’s no wonder this place keeps us coming back for more time and again.

To help maximize your time on the water and capture more unforgettable moments with those most cherished, we’d like to share some of our top picks to ensure your St. Martin yacht charter is second to none.

Pinel Island

Ile Pinel

“The first stop, which is a must-see, is Ile Pinel, a fairly private, quiet beach just off the northeast coast of St. Martin, a short sail from our marina. It’s a great spot to hang out for a few hours and also to spend the night. It is also a short dinghy ride away from Orient Beach on the mainland, perhaps the most popular beach in all of St. Martin. But beware, it is clothing optional!”

Grand Case beach

Grand Case

“Grand Case, on the north side of the island on the French side, was a bustling, fun little town with a ton of excellent bars and restaurants and a huge harbor. One could easily spend a whole day exploring here. If you happen to go swimming, be sure to keep an eye out for a GoPro camera sitting on the sea floor somewhere… I would like it back!”

Tintamarre Island


“The uninhabited island of Tintamarre is a lovely day anchorage – and even better for a quiet overnight. By day, snorkel with the sea turtles and swim along the shore to hear the magical shimmering sound of tiny seashells tumbling in the surf. By night, grill dinner onboard and watch the sun set behind St. Martin for an incredibly serene evening.”

Maho Beach

Maho Beach

“For the more adventurous among you, Maho Beach is quite frankly an awesome experience. Everyone has seen the images of 747 jumbo jetliners landing just over the heads of tourists along the beach – and this is where it happens. You can throw a towel down on the sand and enjoy one plane after another landing just over your head for a true adrenaline rush. However, apart from the draw of the airport being right there, the beach itself is truly spectacular, complete with a large bar and restaurant and crystal clear, refreshing blue water.”

Sandy Island

Sandy Island, Anguilla

“If you are chartering for 6 or 7 days, a trip to Anguilla for a day or two is highly recommended. It reminded me of visiting Anegada while chartering in the BVI. Specifically, a stop for lunch at Sandy Island is a must. Accessible only by boat, it is a beautiful beach surrounded by a reef, complete with a quintessential Caribbean bar perfect for enjoying a secluded afternoon in paradise.”

Ile Fourchue

Ile Fourchue

“St. Barth is obviously a highlight of the trip; docking in Gustavia Harbor is a completely surreal experience – something so exclusive that it is generally reserved only for the mega yachts of the Hollywood elite – and yet there you are. However, a highlight for me was sailing back to St. Martin from St. Barth, and stopping at Ile Fourchue, a small horseshoe-shaped island just northwest of St. Barth. It is uninhabited, and features a small rocky beach, but my crew and I took this opportunity to hike to the top of the island (which was a formidable hike), but was well worth it, offering spectacular 360-degree views of the Caribbean Sea, St. Barth, and St. Martin in the distance.”

With Sail, Power, and all-inclusive Crewed charters available in stunning St. Martin, speed enthusiasts and wind-inspired seafarers alike can come aboard to discover a once in a lifetime holiday. Unlimited offshore freedom and a private first-class cruising platform await your arrival in these remarkable Islands. Go capture something spectacular…

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