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Exotics Yacht Charters

Choose your cruising wonderland, each with its own magical allure, in some of the world’s most exotic sailing destinations. The Far East beckons with Thailand’s sparkling beachfront resorts and skyscraping limestone spires rising from an emerald sea. The South Pacific awaits with its breathtaking collage of palm-fringed beaches and colorful coral reefs—blended with the warmest of hospitality. While the Seychelles offer a unique paradise of otherworldly, secluded isles, giant tortoises and rare sea birds. Whatever your choice, these far-off islands will tempt you to return again and again.

Nowhere else has a tropical destination been so sought after than the waters of the South Pacific. While exploring this sprawling area of diverse islands, you will find yourself drawn to Tahiti’s pristine diving conditions and Bora Bora’s famous lagoon.

The Indian Ocean offers a bounty of breathtaking sights, but none quite like The Seychelles, a group of granite and coral islands off the coast of East Africa. Cruise through azure waters to experience an untouched landscape filled with vibrant flora, exotic wildlife and geological formations like the Aldabra, the world’s largest raised coral atoll.

A Thailand yacht charter is a voyage to a tropical wonderland, where stone pinnacles rise from an emerald-colored sea, and strange open-air caves await exploration. Experience the exotic shores aboard a kayak or stand up paddle board amongst colorful coral and vibrant fish. Or, head inland to try the acclaimed local cuisine.

Come aboard and escape the ordinary. Something extraordinary awaits in any of these premier exotic destinations.

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