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Greece Yacht Charters

The Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades, and Ionians – these are the magnificent isles that create a beautiful and historic setting for a Greek sailing vacation. Aboard your own private yacht, you can follow in the footsteps of mythical legends and walk among historic sites.

While some of the sailing destinations in the Mediterranean entail open-water, often spirited passages well offshore, a Greece yacht charter is far more sedate and family-friendly. An air of adventure fills the wind above the Saronic Gulf and extends to the shores of Poros, Hydra, Cape Sounion and beyond. And a Power yacht charter from Athens provides the freedom and speed you need to see more of this majestic cruising ground.

Where can I sail in Greece?

Each of our Moorings bases in Corfu and Athens Zea (a marina is located in Piraeus in Athens) offer a unique vantage point from which to enjoy the islands either in seclusion or in resort towns replete with white-sand beaches, upscale dining, and trendy boutiques. Unleash your inner explorer as you discover fascinating Ancient Greek ruins or unwind on sun drenched beaches with a book in hand. It’s all a matter of preference when chartering around Greece’s 2,000 islands, larger than our other Mediterranean destinations, Croatia and Italy.

Take the helm and sail across Greece’s stunning waters yourself or relax up on deck as our exceptional crew take care of your every need. What are you waiting for? Book your idyllic Greece yacht charter today and blissfully sail away into the sunset.

Sailing a Yacht in Greece

With sensational weather, one of the richest histories of any country in the world, and incredible food, Greece is one of the most magical places to sail a yacht. Whether you’re on the family vacation of a lifetime, a romantic couples yacht charter or celebrating with friends, Greece has a treasure trove of wonders to discover.

Greece enjoys stunning weather, with sizzling temperatures of up to 89 degrees fahrenheit in Athens. Will you sunbathe on the golden sands of Paleokastritsa Beach in Corfu, or have the time of your life paddleboarding in the warm waters, reaching up to 80 degrees fahrenheit in the height of Summer?

Types of Yacht Charters in Greece

With the Moorings, your yacht charter vacation is all about you. From the type of charter and yacht you want to sail across the open waters in, to the incredible itinerary you choose to follow, you can relax in the knowledge that your yacht charter in Greece will be carefully designed to suit you best.

Exude glamor on one of our sensational catamarans, designed by Robertson & Caine. With a spacious deck, ideal for socializing, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re sailing in style. 

Looking for the classic, quintessential sailing experience? Sail around the Ionians in one of our state-of-the-art monohulls. Ideal for families, our powerful and high-performing monohulls will allow you to sit back and admire the serenity of sailing on the Ionian Sea.

For the ultimate sailing adventure in Greece, speed across the open waters in one of our incredible power catamarans. Hosting up to 12 people, it’s a real party aboard these cutting edge yachts!

Bareboat Yacht Charter in Greece

Embrace the complete privacy of an intimate bareboat yacht charter where you’ll thrive in the freedom to take the helm and create your own destiny, with the comfort of knowing we’ve got experienced base staff to support you whenever you need.

Skippered Yacht Charter in Greece

Hire a skipper for all or part of your Greek vacation and let them guide you around the Ionian and Saronic Gulf, while still choosing your own itinerary. 

Crewed Yacht Charter in Greece

For the ultimate, all-inclusive adventure say hello to true bliss with a crewed charter. As you explore the wonders of the Greek islands, our incredible team of chefs, and professional captains will be catering for your every need.

As you plan to step into the magical world of sailing, you have the power and freedom to create your own fabulous itinerary. Explore as many or as little islands as you want, spend time relaxing aboard the yacht or on Corfu’s white, powdery beaches, discover the hidden gems of the Saronic Gulf, and moor up each night to dine in exquisite Greek restaurants. However you want to experience Greece, the choice is yours!

Need inspiration? We’ve carefully curated exciting itineraries for Athens and Corfu, taking you to Greece’s most beautiful islands and interesting sights.

Our Yacht Bases in Greece

We are proud to have two main Moorings bases in the gorgeous Greek islands, offering you the choice to curate your ideal yacht charter vacation. With a plethora of vibrant cities, Ancient Greek ruins and hidden islands to discover, our base at Athens will start your vacation off in style. If you’re dreaming of glistening white beaches, easy-to-navigate waters and exploring Paxos, the wonderland of Corfu awaits you. As you prepare to cast off and sail into the sunset, learn more about our truly magical bases in Athens and Corfu.

When is the best time to visit Greece?

If you’re wondering when the best time for you to climb aboard and set sail is, Greece enjoys a long sailing season between April-October, with average temperatures of 70-80 degrees fahrenheit! Be mindful of the The Meltemi and The Sirocco winds, which can impact cruising conditions in Greece.

Whenever you decide to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, rest assured you’ll be greeted by beautiful scenery, impressive cultural landmarks, picture-perfect beaches and exhilarating activities.

What are the top things to do in Greece?
  • Exploring Ancient Greek temples, ruins and citadels such as the Temple of Poseidon, The Acropolis of Athens and Agios Iasonas Kai Sosipatros in Corfu
  • Embrace your inner underwater explorer and go snorkeling to discover incredible marine life
  • Go island hopping and explore vibrant, stunning islands such as Paxos, Lefkas, Poros and Hydra
  • Eat and drink like a Greek God or Goddess at mouthwatering Greek restaurants
  • Watch the most romantic sunset of your life in the Cyclades

Get in touch with us today to discuss how to turn your Greece yacht charter dreams into a reality.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Greece?

Your yacht charter vacation in Greece will vary in cost, depending on a number of factors, including:

  • How long you plan to sail among these stunning islands
  • Which of our state-of-the-art catamarans, monohulls or power yachts you step aboard
  • Whether you take the helm and navigate Greece’s smooth waters yourself, hire an experienced skipper to take the pressure off, or let us take care of your every need on a crewed charter
  • Which of our incredible Moorings bases you choose to start your vacation from, Corfu or Athens 
  • What time of year you climb aboard to enjoy the sizzling sun of Greece
  • Any exciting excursions in the Cyclades, activities in the Dodecanese, sightseeing in the Ionians or relaxing in the Sporades you plan on doing when you moor up

For an accurate cost, use our build a quote tool to plan your Athens sailing experience or your Corfu sailing experience.

What are the mooring fees in Greece?

You also need to consider daily costs such as delicious food and mooring fees as you explore the exquisite islands of Greece. Moorings fees vary by size of boat and season, but range between 30 euro to 80 euro usually. Check availability and price up your picture-perfect yacht charter in Athens or Corfu today.

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