Resumes & Requirements

Resumes & Requirements

The Moorings offers a wide range of charter options to choose from and services to help make your vacation easy and unforgettable. Regardless of your experience, you can charter with The Moorings on our custom built fleet in any or all of our breathtaking worldwide destinations. 

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Sailing & Power Resume

No formal certification is required for most regions. Complete our Sailing or Power Resume and we will immediately inform you which destinations are appropriate for your experience. Depending on your experience, you can charter a full yacht or choose to hire a Moorings Skipper by the day or for the duration of your entire charter.

Sail & Power Requirements

Certain regions in the Mediterranean and Seychelles require formal certifications to charter a Sail or Power yacht. Please find your desired destination and boat type below to learn more about the certifications required.

Sailing Requirements

Power Requirements:

Belize Charter Application

To charter in Belize without a skipper, you must fill out this application to obtain a Temporary Certificate of Competency and send it along with a color copy of your passport and a clear head-shot picture. Your application will be submitted to the Belizean Port Authorities. This temporary Certificate of Competency is required for all bareboat charters in Belize.

Belize Charter Application


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