Travel Insurance Options

Because we care about your vacation investment, The Moorings offers two insurance programs to ease any concerns during your charter.

Travel Insurance

The Moorings offers a Charter Care Protection Plan for most U.S. residents. This optional travel insurance through Redpoint costs $171 per person for a bareboat vacation and $273 per person for a crewed vacation and must be purchased before your final payment. Please visit the Redpoint website for details.

Yacht Damage Waiver

Our Yacht Damage Waiver, offered through The Moorings, reduces your possible financial liability should your yacht or equipment be damaged during your vacation.

Read more details about our Yacht Damage Waiver.

Other Insurance Needs

Some special types of charters will require additional insurance or deposits, such as the Racing Deposit required for yachts chartered for entry into regattas. Please speak to one of our Vacation Planning Specialists for details.