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Moorings Monohull Under Sail

Monohull Sailboat

Classically refined and contemporarily equipped, The Moorings’ monohulls set the standard for unforgettable performance and comfort. Backed by the boat-building heritage of leading manufacturers Beneteau and Jeanneau, these vessels are the premier choice for some of the most sought-after yacht charters available today. 

Chart your course for the voyage of a lifetime and set sail on a monohull yacht charter with The Moorings.

Our Sail Monohulls

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Crafted by Beneteau

The Moorings partners closely with yacht builder Beneteau for 37- to 51-foot sailing monohulls customized for sailing charter vacations. The quality, performance and live-aboard comfort of their yacht designs is world-renowned.

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More sailing monohulls are available through our sister company, Sunsail. 

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Features of a Monohull Yacht

What differentiates a monohull sailing yacht from a catamaran is in its name – it only has one hull (while a catamaran has two), which drastically changes the space on board, how it steers, how stable it is, and how fast it can go in certain conditions.

Our monohulls, depending on their size, can hold up to 11 guests. They all have great exterior and interior living spaces, with plenty of room to live in comfort.

Depending on the model you choose, our monohulls may also be equipped with generator-powered air conditioning, convertible saloons, radios and MP3 players, en-suite showers and more.

Explore our full range of yachts for monohull yacht charters.

Sailing Monohulls vs. Catamarans

There are key differences between monohull sailing yachts and catamaran yachts that may affect which would work better for you.

Monohulls have the classic, sleek, traditional appearance that many people covet when they think of sailing vacations. They are the more maneuverable option, as with only one hull and a much slimmer shape, they can turn faster and sail through tighter spaces.

The living spaces are cozier, since they are usually below deck. This may or may not be to your taste, so it’s important to consider. Monohulls also sail better upwind. 

And finally, monohull sailing yachts give more feedback; this may feel like an essential part of sailing to you (and it’s useful for those without too much sailing experience as they can really feel the effect of their steering) or it may make you feel seasick.

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