Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Immerse yourself in scenic coastlines and storied histories on a yacht charter in the Mediterranean. Protected waters with short passages will lead you to quick day trips between stunning islands while longer, open-sea crossings will help you reach remote harbors unspoiled by time. Whether you choose to plan ahead or leave it to chance, you’ll find no end to what you can do in this cruising paradise.

Charter a yacht in the Mediterranean and cast off from the colorful harbor of Procida, a short trip from bustling Pozzuoli. Revel in the culture, cuisine, and secluded anchorages that abound as you cruise Corfu. Or, explore the many timeless treasures nestled throughout the enchanting Dalmatian Islands.

Where is the best place to sail in the Mediterranean?

With seven Mediterranean charter bases in Italy, Croatia and Greece. The Moorings provides ideal sailing locations to suit every preference. First time visitors and seasoned sailors will find it hard to resist the captivating appeal of Athens, but Sicily offers a culture just as rich and sights just as stunning. You could even split your days between sea and land while island-hopping in style along Croatia’s splendid Dalmatian Coast. 

No matter where you moor up, dream Mediterranean sailing vacations become Five-Star escapes you’ll never forget. Reward yourself with a relaxing bareboat charter, enjoy the VIP treatment on a crewed charter or hire a skipper to navigate you around the idyllic Mediterranean – your vacation, your choice. Book your sensational Mediterranean yacht charter today and prepare for a magical experience.

Sailing a Yacht in the Mediterranean

Renowned for its beautiful weather and tideless waters, the Mediterranean is the ideal destination for a yacht charter. If you love ancient ruins, stunning coastlines, delicious food, calm waters and breathtaking views, a Mediterranean yacht charter is paradise for you. 

The Mediterranean enjoys incredible sunshine and fantastic temperatures over the Summer, averaging around 71.6 °F. Will you sunbathe on the golden sands of Sakarun Beach in Croatia or Cala Granara in Sardinia? Perhaps you’ll uncover underwater treasures as you scuba dive in Corfu. Wherever you moor up and no matter what your itinerary looks like, we know you’ll have the time of your life on a yacht charter in the Mediterranean.

Types of Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

You deserve a Mediterranean sailing vacation that’s uniquely bespoke, curated exactly to your wishes. This includes everything down to the type of charter you embark on. We have three majestic charter types, each offering its own incredible benefits that will ensure your trip is spectacular!

Bareboat yacht charter in the Mediterranean

On a bareboat yacht charter in the Mediterranean, you’ll become your own skipper and guide yourself around the exquisite islands of Greece, Croatia or Italy. A bareboat yacht charter in the Mediterraneans gives you complete privacy to enjoy an intimate vacation with loved ones and the freedom to sail into the sunset and make your own destiny.

Take a look at our recent blog to find out about the best bareboat charter destinations in the world and learn more about our sensational bareboat yacht charters.

Skippered yacht charter in the Mediterranean

Our skippered yacht charters provide you with an expert skipper who will lead you around the Mediterranean with class, sophistication and style. Whether you want to explore the wonders of Croatia or lounge on the sun drenched beaches of Greece, a skippered yacht charter in the Mediterranean is ideal if you want to split your time between taking the helm and lounging up on deck with a cocktail in hand.

Learn more about why you should hire a skipper for your Mediterranean sailing adventure.

Crewed yacht charter in the Mediterranean

Say hello to an all-inclusive slice of heaven with our crewed yacht charters in the Mediterranean. All you need to do is sit back, relax and take in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean while our crew take exceptional care of you. Benefits of a crewed yacht charter include:

Find out more about what to expect on a crewed yacht charter and why it makes the ultimate honeymoon option.

Types of Yachts you can Charter in the Mediterranean

Glide around the stunning islands of the Mediterranean in one of our state-of-the-art sailing yachts or power yachts, specially designed to make your Mediterranean sailing vacation a once in a lifetime experience.

If you’re looking for the ultimate sailing experience that’s stood the test of time, choose one of our exceptional monohulls. Steeped in years of sailing traditions, our range of monohulls are powerful, high-performing and will turn you from ‘sailing no’ to ‘sailing pro’! The ideal family yacht, find out more about why you should climb aboard one of our yachts in our recent blog.

Want to stand out from the other sea dwellers? Our catamarans are glamorous, contemporary and make for a sociable yachting experience! Designed by Robertson & Caine, you’ll benefit from a technologically advanced catamaran with plenty of space to lounge up on deck and socialize with friends. 

Do you have a thirst for adventure and exhilaration? Elevate your Mediterranean yacht charter and speed across the open waters in a cutting-edge power catamaran. Our power catamarans can hold up to 12 guests which makes them perfect if you want to celebrate a birthday or special occasion during your yacht charter in the Mediterranean.

SailEATalia Sail, Wine, and Taste of Italy Flotillas

For a sociable, fun, one-of-a-kind yacht charter in the Mediterranean, take to the open waters on a Sail, Wine and Taste of Italy flotilla from SailEATalia. Hosted in Sicily and Procida, you will head on a specialized itinerary where you will get to experience the most incredible food and drink, from award-winning wines to delicious desserts. 

Guests on Sail, Wine, and Taste of Italy flotillas will even get to spend the day with a professional chef. Learn more about SailEATtalia Sail, Wine, and Taste of Italy flotillas in Procida and Sicily.

When is the best time to visit the Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean sailing season is between April-October and you can enjoy blissful temperatures of 70-78 degrees. While you’ll enjoy an incredible experience throughout the entirety of the Mediterranean sailing season, April-May and September-October are slightly quieter months to set sail, giving you a unique and private sailing experience like no other.

Please note: Most of our Mediterranean yacht charter bases are closed between November-March, including Sicily, Sardinia, Athens, Corfu, and Croatia. If you’re looking for a Winter vacation, take a look at our Caribbean destinations such as the BVI, Grenada and St Lucia.

Why choose a Mediterranean yacht charter?

One of the most culturally and historically rich places in the world, the Mediterranean has everything from monasteries to ancient ruins. Combined with its exquisite beaches, quaint local towns, spectacular marine life and wonderful cuisine, it’s no wonder that sailing a yacht in the Mediterranean is very popular. 

The Mediterranean offers some of the world’s most delicious cuisines, from Italian to Greek. Fresh, aromatic and authentic, your mouth will be watering each evening as you decide on what delicacy to try next. Whether you’re a fan of pasta, risotto, moussaka, seafood, souvlaki, pizza or olives, there’s something sumptuous to enjoy everywhere you visit.

When you embark on your yacht charter in the Mediterranean, you will never be left wondering what to do next as there’s countless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Whether you moor up and explore the Temple of Artemis in Athens, spend your day wandering around Old Town in Dubrovnik and or take a trip to Nuraghe Palmavera in Sardinia, there is something for everyone in the Mediterranean.

What are the top things to do in the Mediterranean?
  • Spend your days island hopping around Croatia and Greece, discovering the most secluded spots for relaxation.
  • Explore the famous Blue Grotto near Hvar. Learn more about the top 5 things to do in Croatia.
  • Grab your scuba diving gear and discover the hidden caves and treasures in Sardinia, one of the best spots for scuba diving in Italy.
  • Go on a wine tour or spend the day tasting new, authentic Greek cuisine. Find out what esteemed chefs Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix got up to on their Greek yacht charter.
  • Explore ancient ruins, monuments and landmarks in Athens such as the Temple of Zeus, The Parthenon and The Acropolis.
  • Unwind and feel the sun on your face at one of the Mediterranean’s many blissful beaches, from Glyfada Beach in Greece to Zlatni Rat on Brač Island.

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How much does a Mediterranean sailing vacation cost?

Sailing a yacht in the Mediterranean offers a magical, once in a lifetime experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The memories you’ll create are priceless, although the actual cost of your yacht charter will differ depending on:

  • Destination within the Mediterranean
  • Type of yacht charter
  • Previous experience
  • Duration
  • Itinerary
  • Time of year

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