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When is the best time to sail the Mediterranean

The best time to sail the Mediterranean is between April – October when the weather is hot and sunny, and the water is warm. 

With glistening waters, breathtaking scenery, and more islands to uncover than you could dream of, the Mediterranean is the ultimate location for a relaxing yacht charter. The question is, when is the best time of year to sail the Mediterranean?

To make the planning process easier and more convenient for you, we have put together a guide to choosing the best time to sail the Mediterranean, covering everything from peak season to cost. Are you ready to uncover the treasures of the Mediterranean?

Best time to go to the Mediterranean on a blissful sailing charter

The peak sailing season in the Mediterranean runs from April-October, with June, July and August being the most popular months for people to set sail on the mesmerizing waters.

If you’re looking for a slightly quieter time to travel, we would recommend spring (May – June) or fall (September – October). The weather is still warm and enjoyable but the crowds flock in fewer numbers.

Why is this the best time of year to sail the Mediterranean?

Is this your first time setting sail on the magnificent waters of the Mediterranean Sea? You can rest in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands with The Moorings. Whether you’re booking a bareboat, skippered or crewed charter, you will be appropriately briefed and supported every step of the way. 

Want to learn to sail in the Mediterranean? Check out the RYA Motor Cruising Course available in Agana. Already worked out the perfect time to set sail around the Mediterranean for you and your party? Choose your Mediterranean destination, build a quote and book your idyllic yacht charter now.

When is the worst time to sail the Mediterranean?

It’s worth noting that the worst time to visit the Mediterranean on a sailing vacation is during the Winter. With typically rainy, cold weather, a Mediterranean sailing charter is much better suited to take place in the Summer. 

In fact, several of our bases close during the Winter months, such as Sicily, Sardinia, Athens, Corfu, and Croatia. Wanting to escape the rain and feel the sun on your face? Take a look at our blog on the best Winter sun destinations.

Best time to sail the Mediterranean out of the high season

Are you planning a relaxing Mediterranean charter but want to avoid the crowds? We understand that everyone has different requirements. While some people love the hustle and bustle of a Summer yacht charter, others search for the most secluded, quiet vacations.

The best time of year to sail the Mediterranean if you want to enjoy a more private vacation is April-May or September-October. You’ll still experience the fantastic sailing conditions, beautiful sunshine and warm waters, without the crowds of tourists. 

This is also the best time of year to go to the Mediterranean if you’re looking to avoid extra expenses. 

While these months are part of the peak sailing season, they’re not considered the high season, which takes place between June-August. 

You can look forward to lower costs for excursions, activities, food, travel and mooring fees. Some parts of the Mediterranean, such as Sicily are renowned for high mooring fees in the high season so, whether you’re setting sail aboard one of our catamarans, monohulls or power yachts, visiting during the low season can save a lot of your daily budget.

Setting sail outside of the peak sailing season also gives you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself into the local culture and engage in the communities around you. This is one of our favorite parts of visiting the Mediterranean. You may not be able to do this as much during the high season due to crowds.

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out what other sailors thought about taking the helm on a relaxing Mediterranean yacht charter during April-May and September-October:

Tips for choosing when to visit the Mediterranean

Renowned for stunning islands, rugged coastlines, beautiful architecture and incredible cuisine, a Mediterranean sailing charter offers a true escape from reality. Here are three top tips for working out the best time of year to sail the Mediterranean for your and your party:

  1. Itinerary – Before you book your Mediterranean yacht charter, think carefully about what you want your itinerary to look like. If there are particular excursions or activities you want to do, for example exploring the blue grotto in Hvar or visiting ancient ruins in Corfu, there might be certain times of year that are better suited, or even times of the year these activities are unavailable.
  2. Party – Who is in your party? Who you’re cruising around the open waters with may impact what time of year you visit the Mediterranean. Heading on a fun-filled family vacation? The peak season is the best time to visit the Mediterranean. Booking your honeymoon and looking for a romantic charter? Think about booking outside of the peak season to enjoy more privacy and alone time.
  3. Weather – Consider how important sizzling temperatures and sunshine are to you. If you’re not necessarily a sun chaser and are more excited about immersing yourself into local cultures and experiencing the exceptional natural beauty of the islands, you could set sail earlier or later in the season rather than in the height of the Summer.

Will you take the helm on an exhilarating bareboat charter in Procida? Perhaps you’ll hire a skipper in Athens or set sail on a power charter in Agana.

Wondering how you can travel around the Mediterranean responsibly? We are dedicated to protecting and preserving the incredible waters, wildlife and natural beauty of the Mediterranean. All new monohulls in our Mediterranean destinations have been fitted with state-of-the-art antifouling protection. Learn more about sustainable travel, the future development of our yachts and tips on eco-friendly sailing.

If you have any questions about the best time of year to go to the Mediterranean, or want to know more about our bases in Croatia, Italy and Greece, please get in touch with us today.

Build a quote and book your dream yacht charter in the Mediterranean today.



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