Italy Yacht Charter

Italy is a land of passion and romance, of history and culture, of beauty varied in its nature. The volcanic Aeolian Islands rise in angular contrast to the more subdued but no less beautiful Emerald Coast of Sardinia. The picturesque Amalfi coast, near the Bay of Naples, is the essence of serenity and tradition. Bustling Palermo, in Sicily, boasts a uniquely scenic appeal, as do the outer islands off the Sicilian coast. An Italy yacht charter offers a rich diversity in experiences, a sampling of the best in the Mediterranean.

Sardinia Yacht Charter

  • Comfortable Mediterranean Climate
  • Short Passages & Quiet towns
  • Numerous Harbors

Procida Yacht Charter

  • Quaint & Bustling Procida
  • Castles, Forts & Lighthouses
  • Thermal Baths at Ischia

Tropea Yacht Charter

  • Easy Access to the Volcanic Lipari Islands
  • Stromboli, Europe’s Largest Active Volcano
  • Idyllic Anchorages Away from Crowds