A Bay of Naples sailing itinerary takes you to the stunningly beautiful Phlegraean and Pontine islands stretching westward into the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Gulf of Naples, and to the picturesque harbors of the Amalfi coast on the Sorrento Peninsula just south of Naples in the region of Campania (see Bay of Naples maps). Both cruising grounds are enchanting and blend the bustle of chic ports of call such as the Isle of Capri with the quiet ambience of small Amalfi fishing villages such as Cetara. Swimming and sunbathing on pristine beaches, sightseeing tours of castles, fascinating archaeological sites, and historic island and coastal towns, browsing in eclectic boutiques where fashion is of the first order, and dining in fine restaurants serving exquisitely prepared local cuisine are among the many pleasures of sailing in these waters known for gentle winds and splendid anchorages.

Day 1

Ischia Island

For centuries Ischia has been known as the Green Island for its lush Mediterranean vegetation and thick pine forests. Another name used is the Island of Well Being for its rejuvenating hot springs and thermal baths said to have the power to heal the sick. It was an important port through the ages, a trading center first for the Greeks, who anchored in the bays nearly 3,000 years ago, then for the Romans, and many others. Ischia is still important as the largest of the Phlegraean Islands (Procida and uninhabited Vivara are the other two) and as an exclusive tourist destination with six villages and towns. Ischia vacations are a delight for the senses.

Day 2

Ventotene Island

Part of the Pontine Island group, Ventotene is situated between Ponza Island to the west and Ischia to the east, with tiny Santo Stefano nearby. Ventotene itself is small and has a distinctly remote ambience when compared to Ischia or Capri. Ventotene Island yacht charters bring you to a much more laid-back area, where you can relax and enjoy Old World Mediterranean charm.

Day 3

Ponza Island

Just under five miles in length, narrow, and crescent-shaped, Ponza Island is mountainous in spite of its small size. Its rugged heights rise 915 feet at the summit of Monte La Guardia. The views from the top are spectacular and well worth the hike. Beautiful beaches and coves, ocean caves, and quiet anchorages make Ponza cruising an idyllic Mediterranean experience.

Day 4

Palmarola Island

Mostly uninhabited, Palmarola Island is a natural Mediterranean paradise situated at the west end of the Pontine group. Like so many of its nearby neighbors, the island is volcanic in origin. Caves, cliffs, and craggy heights front the rugged coast, looking much the same as it did when the Greeks sailed these waters almost 3,000 years ago. As you go sailing around Palmarola Island, the beige, white, and black hues of the rocky island contrast starkly with the emerald green of the water in shallow spots and the deep blue farther out, as is the case elsewhere off the southern coast of Italy. The beauty of Palmarola Island yacht charter is breathtaking.

Day 5

Capri Island

Capri Island yacht charters, the jewel of Southern Italy, is a wonderful experience. Sheer cliffs, rocky outcrops, and high hills loom above the horizon as you approach the island. Once you are there, Capri Town’s numerous fashionable boutiques and upscale restaurants make for an enjoyable stroll. The center of the town is Piazza Umberto, a public square with narrow streets and alleys leading to new discoveries. Historic sites, hiking trails, and scenic anchorages are just some of the pleasures of Capri Island sailing.

Day 6

Procida Island

Sailing in Procida waters is your gateway into the beauty of the Phlegraean and Pontine islands, and the picturesque coast of Amalfi. Home to the Moorings base in the Bay of Naples and known as The Girlfriend of the Sea, Procida is a noteworthy destination, with pristine white-sand beaches, excellent restaurants, eclectic shops, and the Old World charm of quaint waterfront villages.

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