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What is the best route to sail St Lucia?

There are so many ways to explore St Lucia and the sensational surrounding islands that we have created multiple itineraries that you can choose from or take inspiration from when designing your own St Lucia sailing itinerary. 

If you do follow one of our carefully crafted routes, you can expect to sail to and around some of the following places:

  • Marigot Bay
  • Anse Cochon
  • The Pitons
  • Pigeon Island
  • Bequia
  • Tobago Cays (also featured in our Grenada sailing itinerary)
  • Mustique
  • St Vincent

These are only a few of the beautiful islands, cays and bays you can expect to visit on a St Lucia boat charter with The Moorings.

When is the best time to sail in St Lucia?

If this is your first time planning an exciting St Lucia yacht charter, you’ll likely be wondering about the best time to sail, as well as any times of the year to avoid.

In St Lucia, the dry season runs from February to May, while the wet season is classed as June to September. Hurricane season technically lasts from June to November, with the peak being around August and September. 

The peaking sailing season in St Lucia is between mid-December-mid-April. A prime time for a St. Lucia yacht charter is during the winter months when a cool northeast wind blows across the shores. Although, if you’re looking for a more secluded, quiet yacht charter in St Lucia, you may choose to go between May and June instead.

How easy is it to island hop in St Lucia?

You can spend your St Lucia yacht charter doing whatever makes you happiest, even if that means spending the entire week in St. Lucia waters, using Rodney Bay as your base to enjoy leisurely sails and sojourns ashore to shop, sightsee, and sample gourmet fare in upscale restaurants. 

However, for most charterers, the attraction of the Eastern Caribbean is the chance to combine open-water, down-island trips in fair winds with pleasant days of short passages between islands to swim, snorkel, and experience the culture and ambience of the smaller isles in the magnificent Grenadines just south of St. Vincent. 

The islands, cays and bays featured on our St Lucia sailing itinerary are easy to sail between, and the wonders you’ll find when you reach each one is well worth it anyway. The longest passage you’ll encounter during your yacht charter in St Lucia is between St. Lucia and St. Vincent, and beyond are myriad islands in a tropical paradise.

How many days in St Lucia is enough?

From the Windwards to the Grenadines and beyond, a St Lucia yacht charter gives you the ideal opportunity to explore countless Eastern Caribbean destinations. With this in mind, the length of your St Lucia sailing vacation will depend on how many destinations you want to visit, how much downtime you want to have and how many excursions you have planned.

We have a mixture of 7-day, 10-day and 14-day sailing itineraries for St Lucia, each of which bring something unique and exciting. Take a look at our itineraries and decide which one works best for you. It is worth keeping in mind that our itineraries require you to clear customs. Further details will be provided to you during your chart briefing at the base.

What are the best things to do in St Lucia?
  • Martinique Rum Experience – This package add-on to your St. Lucia Crewed Yacht vacation includes land excursions, historic factory tours and more
  • Soak up the sun, relax on the golden sands and sip cocktails at one of the many exquisite beaches in St Lucia, from Grand Anse Beach to Reduit beach
  • Enjoy a day of snorkeling and swimming around the colorful reefs of Sainte-Anne
  • A number of St Lucia boat charter operations on the island offer whole and half-day deep sea fishing excursions. Seasonal catches include mackerel, king mackerel, white marlin, barracuda, kingfish and sailfish. If you want to go fishing, no fishing license is required and equipment can be rented through The Moorings St Lucia base at $20 USD per day
  • Visit The Pitons, the two twin peaks of Petit Piton and Gros Piton that have become a world renowned landmark

Spend your afternoon swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and splashing around in the crystal clear waters of St Lucia. Check out our water sports options to learn about what you can add to your charter.

What is the weather like in St Lucia?

St. Lucia has a stunning tropical climate that is influenced by sea winds and the prevailing NE trade winds. The winds are nearly always from northeast to southeast at 10 to 25 knots, and tend to strengthen around the northern ends of the islands. Sea state in the passages between the islands can be moderate, but rarely rough. 

St. Lucia’s temperature ranges from 65 to 85°F (18 to 29°C) from December to May and 75 to 95°F (23 to 35°C) from June to November. The Winter is relatively drier as well. Average annual precipitation varies from 1,500 mm to 1,750 mm (59 to 68 inches) on the north and south coasts to 4,000 mm (157 inches) in the interior rainforest. Water temperature is fairly constant at 83°F (28°C). 

Our St Lucia yacht charter base provides a weather forecast for the following 24 hours upon arrival. There are locations at Blue Lagoon St. Vincent, Tyrell Bay, Clifton Harbor and Bequia where forecasts are posted daily. Please note that radio reception can be very poor in the islands but you can obtain reports during your St Lucia sailing vacation by calling our Moorings base by cell phone.

What are the tides like in St Lucia?

In the Windward Islands the tide range is very small: 30 cm to 60 cm (1 to 2 feet) including the variation of level due to atmospheric pressure and dominant winds. You will experience similar tidal ranges at some of our other incredible Caribbean destinations in the BVI and Grenada, as well as our Mediterranean charter bases in Greece and Italy.

If you’re wondering about the current during your St Lucia yacht charter, the current between the islands is generally setting towards the west at about 0.5 to 2 knots and the swell is mainly northeast to east, but can occasionally be north during the winter months.

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What does Exclusive Plus, Exclusive and Club mean?

Exclusive Plus – Exclusive Plus class yachts are up to 1 year old, and feature the latest innovations and complimentary WI-FI in British Virgin Islands, Thailand, Seychelles, and all Mediterranean locations (excluding Italy).

Exclusive – Exclusive class yachts have been in our fleet approximately 1 to 3 years and feature many of the same amenities as our Exclusive Plus yachts as well as complimentary WI-FI in British Virgin Islands, Thailand, Seychelles, and all Mediterranean locations (excluding Italy).

Club – Club class yachts have some of the Exclusive class amenities, and are generally 3+ years of age (up to 10 years in the Exotics and Mediterranean) .

Can I rent just a single cabin?

Yes!  Perfect for couples or singles, you can enjoy the experience of a Luxury Crewed Charter for the price of a single cabin.

Is there Wi-Fi on board? 

The Moorings is proud to announce that Free Wi-Fi is now included on all Exclusive and Exclusive Plus models, and all-inclusive Crewed Yachts in select

destinations worldwide*, including the British Virgin Islands, Thailand, the Seychelles, and all Mediterranean locations (excluding Italy). Wi-Fi is also available for rent on our Club model yachts in participating destinations.*Internet connectivity and speed may vary within cruising grounds.

What type of equipment and amenities will I find on board?

The Moorings carries the most up-to-date equipment and all the extras a sailor or powerboater could ask for, including GPS satellite navigation

systems, autopilots, The Moorings SailMate mainsail stacking system and CD players with cockpit speakers. Some even have generators and air conditioning. The below deck areas are modified from standard factory production models to give you more room, comfort, and luxury. Our newest models include flatscreen TV’s and DVD players

What is the best route to sail in Tahiti?

Our Tahiti Charter Itinerary is thoughtfully curated, to give you the best possible experience. You will set sail from stunning Raiatea and then begin your exploration of the Leeward Islands, up to Bora Bora and looping back around – stopping at some of the worlds most spectacular coves, beaches and dining spots along the way. For more information on this, check out our Tahiti Chart Briefing, Cruising Guides or Contact a Holiday Planner.

When is the best time to sail in Tahiti?

To get the most out of your Tahiti yacht charter, you’ll want to explore this exotic destination between April/May and September/October.

If you’re keen to explore Tahiti outside of these months, Tahiti has two seasons. A warm yet wet season between November and April, with a cooler, drier season between May and September with the driest months being June and August.

How easy is it to island hop in Tahiti

While the Society Islands are all relatively close, it takes approximately 8 hours of sailing to get from Raiatea to Bora Bora, for example. The longest passage to windward is about 18 nautical miles.

How many days in Tahiti is enough

We recommend a 7 day minimum for sailing around Tahiti and the Society Islands, and we recommend at least 1 day exploring the island of Tahiti.

What are the best things to do in Tahiti?
  • Moor up on the stunning island of Raiatea and spend your day hiking around the luscious green trails of Mount Temehani. 
  • Relax, unwind and soak up the sun on one of Tahiti’s sensational beaches, such as Lafayette Beach which has soft black sand and makes the perfect backdrop for photos.
  • Uncover the hidden natural treasures of Tahiti, including Queen’s Cave which is only accessible by boat or on foot.
  • Visit Taha’a for world-class snorkeling opportunities. Experience the magic of Taurere Bay’s coral garden where you’ll come face to face with beautiful and exotic marine life. Love spending time in Tahiti’s crystal clear waters? Check out our water sports options.
  • Unleash your adventurous side and go surfing in Teahupoo, renowned for its incredible waves and very popular with locals. 

Take a look at our carefully crafted Tahiti Itineraries to find out more about what you can expect to get up to during your relaxing Tahiti yacht charter.

How much does a yacht charter in Tahiti cost?

The cost of a Yacht Charter in Tahiti varies depending on the length of your stay, the number of passengers and the time of year you set sail. Don’t forget that when doing a crewed charter, you will also be paying to keep the crew aboard the yacht. 

Based on 2 people sharing, a 1 week Sailing vacation can cost between $3,000 and $9,000. To check closer prices for your ideal dates, check our build a quote section, or contact us.

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