A Sicily yacht charter gives you the freedom to explore the Tyrrhenian Sea’s intriguing Aeolian islands on your own schedule, aboard your own private yacht. Follow our suggested 7-day itinerary or create your own unique island-hopping passage. Along the way, discover hidden harbors with impeccable snorkeling conditions, sample local cuisine at stylish ports, and marvel in beautiful historic scenery.

Day 1


Home to one of two active volcanoes in the Aeolian Islands, Vulcano is storied to be the former location of the “God of Fire’s” blacksmiths, according to Greek mythology. The island boasts natural hot springs, a pristine black sand beach, superb snorkeling sites along the south and northwest coasts, scenic hiking around Fossa di Vulcano, and even a volcano museum. Porto di Ponente provides an idyllic and protected spot for anchoring and Grotta del Cavallo offers a unique half-submerged cave, where you can explore underground lakes with hanging stalactites.

Day 2


The captivating island of Filicudi is riddled with natural splendor and unique travel experiences, all centered around the mountain of Fossa Felci. There is a network of marked hiking trails throughout Filicudi that lets you enjoy a healthy dose of physical activity while also revealing the island’s beautiful on shore scenery. Just a short walk from the main port at Capo Graziano, you can see remnants from an ancient village dating back to 1800 B.C. For superior snorkeling conditions, visit the natural rock formation that teems from the sea at La Canna.

Day 3


Salina is known for its lush landscape and vast wooded area of ferns known as La Fossa dell Felci. Throughout the island, there are several freshwater springs to enjoy and the panoramic views from atop Salina’s three towering peaks are nothing short of awe-inspiring. A number of scooter and bike rentals are available to help make the commute to the top more pleasant and Santa Maria Salina offers a selection of waterfront restaurants so you can indulge on local seafood dishes in a beautiful setting. Pollara is a prime location for anchoring overnight, offering protection from easterly winds and picturesque sunsets.

Day 4


Known as the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”, Stromboli is the second-largest volcano in Europe and has been continuously erupting for more than 80 years. No matter where you stand on the island, you can marvel in the natural beauty of this massive lava-spewing mountain, which extends 924 meters from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Spend your days in Stromboli soaking up the sun and sinking your toes into the sand of the Aeolian Islands’ blackest beaches. Take a scenic half-hour hike up to the top of the observatory area, where you can dine at the restaurant whilst enjoying breathtaking views. Venture over to Ginostra to stroll the town’s piazza and tempt your palate with the most decadent cannoli desserts.

Day 5


The largest, oldest, and most densely populated of the Aeolian Islands, Lipari is an ancient Greek acropolis where you can immerse yourself in rich culture and history at the settlement of Castello. Feast your eyes on the exquisitely-preserved Norman architecture of the 13th-century Lipari cathedral. Visit the Aeolian Museum in Lipari Town and indulge in some superb local wine at one of the vineyards located on the eastern coast. Cruise over to the small uninhabited island of Basiluzzo to enjoy some spectacular snorkeling and a charming lunch spot

Day 6


Tucked into the north east end of Sicily beneath towering Mount Etna, Portorosa is perfectly situated for cruising the coast of Sicily as well as the captivating Aeolian Islands. Portorosa Yacht Harbor, where The Moorings partner base is located, provides well-protected dockage and excellent facilities. Arrive by 5 PM to spend your last night aboard your yacht, and disembark by 9 AM the following morning. Once ashore, explore the quaint town of Tonnarella, or make a day trip to nearby Mount Etna with its otherworldly, volcanic rock landscape – declared a UNESCO World Heritage site – and quite possibly Sicily’s most beautiful natural attraction.

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