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Extras – Hire a Cook

Add a Cook/ Chef 

Find more time to enjoy your charter when you hire a Moorings Cook. 

Let us take all of the work out of cooking and serving the meals, including clean-up in the common areas and the galley, by hiring a local cook, leaving you even more time to spend with your family and friends sailing, snorkelling, or simply relaxing. 

Bareboat Charter with Cook

Everyone loves to eat well when sailing, but not everyone enjoys working in the galley. Your Moorings charter cook helps you out by taking on all of your cooking chores from stowing provisions, to cooking and serving meals, to washing up afterwards. When you add a cook to your Moorings bareboat charter, you get more than just delicious meals prepared from the best local ingredients. You get time — time to spend with your family and friends sailing, snorkeling, or simply relaxing. 

*Please ensure a cook and/or skipper get their own cabin on your yacht. Contact a Vacation Planner to request. 

*Please note, when adding a cook to a bareboat charter, the cook will prepare all the food and clean dishes on board, however, the customer is still responsible for provisioning the boat, unlike the crewed charter where the boat will be provisioned for you. 

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