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Crewed Charter Destinations

Indian Ocean

A Moorings crewed Indian Ocean yacht charter begins from either the Maldives or the Seychelles.  Both island chains are know for their exotic locations, great beauty, pristine white-sand beaches, and plush resorts. The sailing is splendid, featuring a mix of open-water passages and island hopping to beautiful coves for a restful night at anchor. An Indian Ocean yacht charter is a pleasure for all the senses.

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Mahe Crewed Charter

Giant tortoises, beautiful seabirds, exotic plants, and simply gorgeous tropical scenery are the hallmarks of a crewed Seychelles yacht charter. Sailing among these impressive islands, which are lush with forested mountains and replete with white-sand beaches, is a true delight.

More about Mahe Crewed Charter

  • Historic Victoria Town
  • The Bird Sanctuary of Cousin Island
  • St. Anne Marine National Park
  • Giant Tortoises, Rare Birds
  • Aerial Sightseeing from La Digue Island
  • Mahé’s White-Sand Beaches, Scenic Bays

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