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Brian & Ashley

The Kismet team, can’t wait to welcome you to St. Thomas

Brian and Ashley are a great and relaxing team. Brian and Ashley take great pleasure in catering to your every need, helping to make memories that will last a lifetime and very importantly, keep you coming back.

Brian has a passion for boating and truly ingrained interest with sailing, weather, maintenance, and everything in between.

Ashley is naturally inquisitive with types of cuisines and pushing people’s taste palette. She is always adapting her meals in a way that you would never imagine.

*If unforeseen circumstances prevent this crew from hosting your charter, another competent crew will substitute.
*For charters with more than 8 guests, an additional steward/ess will be provided to ensure the highest level of service.

Brian & Ashley




Experiences / Qualifications

USCG 50 ton
3000 miles sailing in East Coast USA and Caribbean

Areas Traveled

Central and South America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia

Brian & Ashley




Experiences / Qualifications

15+yrs experience
Chef, Stewardess, Mate
Yachts to fifty meters
USCG 50T200hr
Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Areas Traveled

Caribbean, Central and South American and East Coast USA

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