Paraty Cruising Itinerary

Some of South America’s best-kept secret gems are located in the emerald-green waters just off the southeastern coast of Brazil, and a Paraty yacht charter grants you the freedom to explore them all, on your own clock and compass. Whether you choose to follow our recommended 7-day itinerary or plot your own island-hopping course, a rewarding passage in a culture-rich destination awaits. After undocking from the premier Marina do Engenho aboard your private state-of-the-art yacht, enjoy idyllic and smooth sails from one splendid anchorage to the next.

Day 1
Cotia Island

Cotia Island

Begin your unforgettable charter vacation with a relaxing sail towards tiny Cotia Island, sitting pretty in the middle of a secluded bay just north of Paraty Mirim. Cotia Island has two pristine beaches to its name and provides a quiet and serene place to anchor for the evening. During the daytime, enjoy swimming and snorkeling in clear, calm waters and come dusk, delight your senses with a picture-perfect sunset against a postcard-worthy backdrop.

Day 2
Pouso da Cajaiba

Pouso da Cajaiba

After waking up in your own piece of Cotia Island paradise, you’ll embark on a southbound passage towards the protected bay of Pouso da Cajaiba, where you’ll have access to several restaurants and beach bars. The tranquil seas along the vast beach are perfect for watersports activities like snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, or simply soaking up the sun from aboard your private sailing vessel. There are also two trails located on the left side of the beach that lead to lovely waterfalls. For your overnight stay, head over to Saco do Mamangua or Cotia Island, both of which are about a 45-minute sail away.

Day 3
Sito Do Forte anchorage

Ilha Grande-Enseada do Sitio Forte

On day three of your island-hopping vacation, enjoy a nice breakfast aboard then bid farewall to Pouso da Cajaiba and make your way towards Enseada do Sitio Forte on the north side of Ilha Grande. There are several superb beaches located at this premier hot-spot as well as a few traditional fishing colonies, so the seafood here is top-notch. While snorkeling at Sitio Forte you may spot some sea turtles swimming by and diving enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the wreck sites at this former pirates’ lair.

Day 4
Sailing towards Saco Do Ceu

Ilha Grande-Saco do Ceu

Following a short and scenic passage west, you’ll arrive at Saco do Ceu, which means “sack of heaven”, for your fourth night on board. Mangroves make up over half of Saco do Ceu’s coast, providing an ecological sanctuary for a variety of sea creatures. After the sun sets, the sky radiates with an abundance of stars, which also reflect on the surface of the still water below. Saco do Ceu is known for its diverse and delectable dining options on shore so be sure to indulge your taste buds at one of the authentic restaurants.

Day 5
Ensenada de Palmas

Ilha Grande-Ensenada de Palmas

After a laid-back breakfast on board, continue your journey across the north end of Ilha Grande then drop anchor for the evening at Enseada de Palmas, a cozy little harbour surrounded by picturesque landscapes. The Cove of Palmas is now one of the least inhabited and less-traveled locations.

Day 6
Gipoia Island

Gipoia Island

Begin the day with an early departure from Ilha Grande and enjoy a relaxing sail towards Gipoia Island. Here, you will discover a plethora of splendid beaches, each with its own unique experience to offer. Armaçao is famous for its beach bars and snack kiosks, Amendoeiras is ideal for scuba divers, Dentista is known for its restaurants, and Fazenda is perfect those after some seeking peace and quiet. For an idyllic overnight stay, consider anchoring at Dentista beach.

Day 7
Beach on Cedro Island

Cedro Island

Before returning to the marina in Paraty, stop off at Cedro Island, which is framed by the protected Serra da Bocaina National Park. What this little island lacks in square miles, it makes up for ten-fold with natural beauty and infrastructure. Then, an easy southbound cruise will bring you back to The Moorings charter base by 6 p.m.

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