Learn to Sail

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Learn to Sail

Easily Earn Your Sail or Power Certification with Offshore Sailing School & The Moorings
For years The Moorings has partnered with the world-renowned Offshore Sailing School to provide US Sailing Certification in a variety of unbeatable boating courses on Moorings monohulls and catamarans. Learn more about the courses offered by Offshore Sailing School below.

For more information about Offshore Sailing School programs, contact:


Offshore Sailing School
From within the US: 1-800-221-4326 
Outside the US & Canada:1-239-454-1700 
Visit their web site!


Fast Track to Cruising® Course  -  Charter-Ready in just 7 Days!

You’ll go from sailing novice to confident cruiser in just 7 action-packed days sailing the BVI. This is our most popular learn to sail vacation. It takes you through Offshore’s Learn to Sail and Live Aboard Cruising courses back-to-back. The first 2 days, you’ll start with the basics and advance through intermediate skills, including terminology, knots, rigging, sail trim and shape, tacking and jibing, maneuvering, navigation, right of way rules and more. Then, board a yacht for 5 days of liveaboard instruction aboard a Moorings catamaran or monohull. Upon completion, you’ll test for Colgate Sailing or US Sailing Certification in Basic Keelboat/Day Sailing, Basic Cruising and Bareboat Cruising, and earn membership to the Moorings Captain's Rewards Program.

"Prior to using Offshore, my son and I used another school. I will never use any other school again. The professionalism of the staff at Offshore is exceptional."   
Bruce Yost - Winchester, VA

Monohull Live Aboard Cruising - Bareboat Certification

This 5-day adventure in the BVI will teach you everything you need to know for bareboat chartering with Colgate Sailing or US Sailing certification in Bareboat Cruising. You’ll sail a 40-50 foot Moorings yacht and earn membership to the Moorings Captain’s Reward Program. Along the way, you’ll learn routine engine maintenance, advanced anchoring techniques, docking, meal preparation under way, grounding and remedies, radio skills, dinghy safety, navigation and more. As a prerequisite, students must have completed Learn to Sail or have equivalent sailing experience.

Catamaran Live Aboard Cruising - Bareboat Certification

The 5-day Live Aboard Cruising Course aboard a Moorings 40-48 foot catamaran provides the opportunity to learn special techniques that help make catamaran sailing even more of a pleasure. Maneuvering, rigging operation, mooring, docking, and backing up all require special consideration when aboard a catamaran. This course will teach everything you need to know to cruise in confidence and give you the special skills to master sailing a Moorings catamaran.

Learn to Sail  - Day Sailing Certification

If you’ve never sailed, this 5-day shore-based vacation includes daily classroom and exciting on-water instruction taking you through the intermediate level. It’s available in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) as well as select locations in the U.S. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive Colgate Day Sailing or US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification.


Catamaran Live Aboard Navigation

After achieving Bareboat Cruising Certification, you can take the comprehensive Coastal Navigation course while sailing a big catamaran in the British Virgin Islands. You'll brush up your catamaran cruising skills, while concentrating on the nuances of piloting as you navigate from island to island. Lots of problem solving, lots of real hands-on navigating. The most complete Coastal Navigation sailing class you’ll find, giving you US Sailing Coastal Navigation certification.

Coastal Passage Making

For sailors with basic cruising and bareboat skills, this is a great open-water challenge. You’ll learn the ins and outs of night sailing, blue-water crossing, coastal navigation and much more aboard an amazing Moorings 46-50 foot yacht. This program is an unforgettable way to take your sailing skills to the next level and earn US Sailing Certification in Coastal Passage Making. Prerequisites include certification in Coastal Navigation, Basic Cruising and Bareboat Cruising.