Christmas is Better in the BVI

‘Tis the season – the season for planning your unforgettable Christmas vacation in the British Virgin Islands! This is your chance to trade stocking stuffers for swimsuits in the cold of winter. Too often, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season takes its toll. During the month of December, time gets away, stress runs high, and energy hangs low. To escape all of this, consider a Christmas vacation on island time!

Let Us Be Merry – While the popular lighted boat parade at the Bitter End Yacht Club will not be held for Christmas this year, there is still plenty to do down in the islands. Musical pirate Michael Bean will be live at the Restaurant at Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda, and the CocoMaya Restaurant, Bar & Lounge features dinner and dancing with a DJ for its guests. Virgin Gorda's Chez Bamboo offers live music and Norman Island's Pirate's Bight is open on Christmas as well. There will be a party with DJ on New Year's Eve at the Bight to dance the night away. If lobster and endless beaches are on your mind, spend Christmas on Anegada, where the Anegada Reef Hotel, Wonky Dog, Big Bamboo and Cow Wreck Beach all await with open arms.

A Weather Wonderland – Not many places can boast beautiful weather throughout the holiday season, but the BVI most definitely can. This time of year, the tradewinds can’t be beat, the temperatures are just right, and the sun shines effortlessly. Ocean breezes, warm afternoons, and cool calm nights – the kind of weather we only wish for.

Diving for Days – This time of year brings not only gorgeous weather, but also the clearest waters for a Christmas morning dive that’s nothing short of breathtaking. And for those not interested in diving, there are many other ways to appreciate the abundantly clear waters during the month of December.

A Fun Family Gift – During the holiday season, spending just never seems to slow down. Plus, finding the perfect present for your loved ones certainly doesn’t get any easier over the years. On the bright side though, a British Virgin Islands yacht charter is the gift that keeps on giving with memories for a lifetime. Friends and family of all ages can enjoy this gift of fun, sun, and sailing, during a Caribbean Christmas.

Party in Paradise – Ring in the New Year with the biggest, most renowned beach celebration in the world - Old Year’s Night at Foxy’s Tamarind Bar & Restaurant. Guests that attend this world famous annual bash in Great Harbor are guaranteed a great time complete with lively music, delicious food, and a Caribbean style countdown. Sailors arriving by boat are advised to anchor early for the festivities. 

Santa Claus in the British Virgin Islands

Packing your flip-flops and heading far from home for the holidays may sound like a crazy idea, but spending Christmas and New Year’s in the British Virgin Islands is an experience unlike any other. Just think of chartering a yacht in the BVI as your one-way ticket to bliss town – a place with plenty of enjoyable experiences just waiting for you and your family during the final days of December.

Christmas and New Year's Eve Events 2017

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