The Best Cruising Adventures for Dads!


Celebrate Fathers Day with an unforgettable 5-star vacation this summer! View our top rated activities for dads below.

Belize for the diver

Home to the second largest barrier reef system in the world, Belize features sailing in an unspoiled natural setting. A highlight of a Belize yacht charter is the snorkeling and scuba diving, which is truly some of the best anywhere. For dad’s who seek adventure, you can choose to start or finish your escape to include a guided dive excursion to the Great Blue Hole, a geological wonder of the world located within Lighthouse Reef.

Bahamas for the fisher

Laid-back and friendly people, beautiful coral reefs, and isolated cays are all part of a Bahamas yacht charter. For dads that are interested in fishing, the Bahamas are ideal. With some of the best fishing in the world, it’s no secret that that the Bahamas are a top rated fishing destination. The waters that surround the area are teeming with brightly colored species of fish – bonefish, wahoo and blue marlin, just to name a few.

Mexico for the golfer

Ideal for family cruising, dads can experience Mexico from the land and sea! Exotic desert landscapes, crystal clear waters, and superlative beaches are just a few highlights of a Mexico yacht charter. Proud to be the first 5-star resort in La Paz, CostaBaja Resort features panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez and an innovative design that complements the unique desert-by-the-sea landscape. Dads will enjoy playing this one of a kind 18 hole course PAR 72, where on 14 holes you will have the Sea of Cortez as background.