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Whether this is your fifth trip or the first of many, we want you to feel at home when you're at a Moorings base. At Laru Beya Marina, we welcome you to relax at the resort before boarding and setting sail from Placencia.

About the Marina

The Moorings Belize Ltd 
(c/o Laru Beya Resort) 
Placencia Peninsula 
Placencia, Belize

Base Hours 
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., seven days a week (evening staff to cover until all flights have arrived).                                                    

Marina Facilities

Local Dock Facilities
Soulshine Resort dock
Lagoon side at Placencia Village and Roberts Grove dock
Lagoon side at Seine Bight village
Placencia Sailing Club (Chabil Mar Marina) south of base in lagoon
The Placencia Marina, ocean side north of Maya Beach
The Reserve Marina, located in the Sapodilla Lagoon Cucmber Beach Marina, south of Belize City

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Cruising Grounds

Experience Level
A formal sailing license is mandatory to charter here. Review the power or sail requirements for Belize while planning your vacation. Please contact our Vacation Planners at 888.952.8420 if you have any questions.

Cruising Area
All bareboat charters are required to stay inside the barrier reef. Local skippers must be on board for any and all excursions outside the barrier reef. Download our Belize Charter eGuide here.

South Water Caye Marine Reserve - stretches from the Tobacco Range in the north through Southwater and Twin Cayes, Blue Ground Range, Pelican and Lagoon, south as far as Crawl Caye and all places between
Gladden Spit/Silk Cayes* Marine Reserve - From Gladden Spit* south to and including Queen Cayes
Laughing Bird Caye*
Sapodilla Cayes* - stretching from Tom Owens in the north to Sapodilla Caye* in the south and out to Seal Caye in the west
*These reserves require guides for entry and have a daily fee. Our Belize base will go over these requirements during the charter briefing and share the ways we can get tour guides to the yachts you would like to enter those reserves as well as suggest alternative snorkeling sites. While the base can assist in securing a guide for your yacht, this will be an additional expense that the charterer must pay. The cost of a guide will vary depending on how we get him/her out to the yacht. If they accompany a boat going out to the reserve and we can arrange a minimal cost for the transport to and from the reserve, the guide is going to cost about US$50; if we have to arrange transport to the reserve, it will cost in the region of US$150 for the guide.

Cruising Area Restrictions 
The Belize authorities take the protection of their reefs very seriously and you must ensure you are aware of and understand the strict sailing area restrictions and regulations of where sailing is prohibited, and ensure you stay well clear of the reefs at all times during your charter. Please be aware that should you damage the reef during your charter the Belize authorities have the option of imposing fines and/or confiscating your passport, with potential criminal implications, until such time as any fine or resolution is achieved.

Restricted Zones
Glover's reef, Turneffe reef and Lighthouse reef.
Tom Owens

Charterers will receive a sailing chart that outlines red zones for the cruising ground.

It is strictly forbidden to sail alone, we require two persons minimum on board.

Cruising to Guatemala

There is no restriction on sailing to Guatemala, but please note the following details.

Clearing out of Belize can be quite time consuming. It is strongly recommended that you stay in marinas overnight as there is a form of piracy on Dulce River (Rio Dulce) itself.

You will need to go to Big Creek (near Placencia) to clear out of customs, then take a taxi to Mango Creek to clear immigration.
On your return you will also need to clear in with the BAHA (Belize Agricultural Authority). It is recommended that you do not fresh produce and meats as this will like be confiscated, regardless of whether this was purchased in Belize or not.

In Guatemala, you will need to clear in at Livingston, and it's recommended that when you leave Livingston to enter the Dulce River (Rio Dulce), that you secure the services of a local fisherman as guide as it can be quite challenging.

Naturally, you would be responsible for all expenses incurred. Generally when our clients go to Guatemala, we recommend a local skipper is hired who can support with all the legalities.  

Charts & Pilot Books
All the charts and pilot books you will need for the sailing area are issued at your chart briefing.

Nighttime Sailing 
You must be moored at least one hour before sunset. Night Sailing is not allowed without permission from the base manager. The decision to allow night sailing is based on your skill level and can be requested in advance. You will need to fill out the Sailing or Power resume for the base to review but we cannot guarantee approval.

Cruising Permits & Taxes
Departure Tax: $56 USD per person is charged when leaving Belize; this must be paid in US Dollars ONLY. If paid by credit card there is an additional charge. 

Travelers entering Belize International by air and connecting to in-country flights are charged an additional $0.75 US security fee.

Moorings Fees & Taxes
There are marine park fees in effect in large parts of our cruising grounds and a flat rate of $10 USD per person per day applies in all of them now, including at Laughing Bird Caye. These fees are not for use of the mooring buoys, which are now in place in some of the cayes, but are simply a fee to be in the marine reserve* and these fees apply to people staying on cayes there too. 3 moorings in the Pelican Cayes range near Hideaway Caye

3 moorings on the east side of Thatch Caye Resort
3 moorings on the west side of Thatch Caye Resort in the Inner Channel
11 moorings at Hatchet Caye, $15 USD per night

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Around the Base

The Placencia Hotel 
South Waters Resort 
Laru Beya Resort 
The Inn at Robert’s Grove

While most banks have automated teller machines, only Barclays Bank offers ATMs that accept foreign cards. There are only two Barclays Banks in Belize – in Belize City and in Dangriga. 

Banking Hours: 8:00am – 2:00pm / M – F

Post Office 
Placencia Post Office 
Main Road, Placencia - halfway to the airstrip 
South end of sidewalk 
Hours: 8:30am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 4:00pm (Weekdays) 
First class mail between Belize and the US averages 8-10 days for delivery. 
International Express mail from the US to Belize usually arrives in 3 business days; cost is $14.00.

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The Moorings Provisioning
Online Provisioning is available. 
Provisioning must be ordered 7 days prior to the start date of the charter for this destination

Visit our Provisioning Page to learn more about delivery direct to your yacht.

Supermarkets are located in Placencia Village. Supermarkets are generally open daily and the hours of operation vary based on the day of the week and the supermarket. All supermarkets accept Visa and Mastercard.

Most supermarkets: 8am - 10pm daily and seldom closed on public holidays. *Restocking near Placencia can be difficult and costly. Water can be purchased from Placencia Harbor, but is expensive and subject to availability throughout the rest of the cruising grounds. If you are making arrangements with a dive shop, we recommend asking them to bring out ice on the dive boat if you are in need.

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Things to Do

No Name Point is good for a pick up to tour Monkey River.

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Water Toys & Sports

For your convenience, you can add water toys to your charter prior to arrival at the base. They will be waiting on your boat upon arrival. You are able to rent these at the base; please keep in mind that we have limited availability. For more information, please view our Water Sports Options.

Scuba Diving 
Scuba diving packages are available through several dive operations in the area. Go Sea Tours is a reputable local dive operator. Please note that dive rental gear is subject to availability during the season.

The Moorings is unable to provide snorkelling equipment to our customers at this time. Fins are available at the base.

Game fishing charters available; local inner reef charter services available. Fish life abounds within the main reef. When trolling, you can catch Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Dorado, Barracuda. Bottom fishing has rewards of Snapper and Grouper. We have local suppliers who can rent a good quality rod, reel and lures for $10 USD per day. Hand lines are also available. 

Note: Due to Belize fishing laws, charterers who are interested in fishing for leisure or sport must hold a sport fishing license. The fees are US$25 per week. You may purchase these licenses at the base.

Spear Fishing
Spear fishing guns are legal only when free-diving. No tanks allowed when using spear guns.

The lobster closed season runs from midnight February 14 to midnight June 15.

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For more information on what's included on your yacht, please view the full list here for Bareboat Charters or here for Crewed Charters.

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