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The Moorings 35th Annual Interline Regatta

What's the Interline Regatta?

For 34 years, The Moorings Interline Regatta has kicked off sailing season in the BVI with exciting races, thrilling parties and endless fun on the water. Join us for the 35th Interline Regatta, taking place October 11-20, 2016 in the BVI. Whether you're an avid racer, or a cruiser who appreciates the island spirit, we look forward to seeing you there!


For more information email sales@moorings.com or call 800.633.7348
(outside the US call 1.727.535.1446).

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How to Join

Get ready for 10 days of fast-paced sailing and non-stop parties in the beautiful British Virgin Islands—The Moorings 35th Annual Interline Regatta returns October 11-20, 2016. To join, email sales@moorings.com or call 800.633.7348 (outside the US call 1.727.535.1446) for more information.

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New Boat Classes & More

The 35th Interline Regatta will include three classes:

The Moorings 42.3 Monohull
Moorings 42.3 Monohull

More Information

The Moorings 45.3 Monohull
Moorings 45.3 Monohull

More Information

The Moorings 51.4 Monohull
Moorings 51.5 Monohull

More Information

There will also be a Team Prize for teams competing in at least two of the three classes. Call a Vacation Planner at 800.633.7348 (outside the US call 1.727.535.1446) to learn more.

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Clean Regattas Pledge

Clean Regattas PledgeAt The Moorings Interline Regatta, we pledge our commitment to clean waters and shores by participating in Sailors for the Sea's Clean Regattas program.

We vow to fulfill, and encourage others to fulfill, the goals and requirements of Clean Regattas as set forth by Sailors for the Sea, and to work to protect and restore our waters for the use and enjoyment of current and future generations.

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