Summer Departures Special

Rum: Bringing Out the Best of Bermuda Since 1806

Some things just go together—like movies & popcorn, football & tailgating, fireworks & the 4th of July, and vacations & rum. If you’re picturing yourself lounging on a beach with a rum cocktail in-hand, we don’t blame you.

As fate would have it, Bermuda – the location of this year’s America’s Cup – just happens to be the birthplace of Gosling’s, a family-owned and operated rum company, and official partner of the 35th America’s Cup. Steeped in history, this premier rum brand is the perfect inspiration for this contest.

Come along for the ride as we go bottoms up for America’s Cup, and dive into the perfect pairing of sailing, rum, and the beautiful island of Bermuda…

 Thirsty yet? There are many fantastic rum cocktails to try throughout the Caribbean, so go find your favorite…



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