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“By far the best vacation I have ever done. Everything was perfect, including the staff, boat, weather, and all the places we visited. I am a 100% Moorings customer and plan to do at least one trip per year. Thank you sooo much for assisting us with this dream come true.”

Gabriel Pacheco, Moorings customer since 2011


British Virgin Islands

“Adventurous, relaxing, more than we ever dreamed that it would be.... we could tell that we were in good hands. The “friendly skipper” was excellent and made us feel extremely comfortable with the boat and our ability to sail it around the islands. All that we had read about in the information that was sent was true. We had a great experience. The sailing was without doubt the best ever... Can’t wait until we can get back.”
Stan Jenkins, The Moorings customer since 2009
Sailing“I wanted to bring both my parents and my children, so my dad could teach my boys how to sail in the place where he first learned, passing the tradition on to the next generation. I can only say that it exceeded my expectations, and my family cannot wait to go back.”
Liz Amberly, The Moorings customer since 2009

“We had high expectations prior to our trip based on your brochure and every day exceeded those expectations - a great location!”

E. Garcia
Power Yacht Charter

  BVI Power Charterers

Sailing“Our vacation aboard The Moorings 474 in the BVI was the most fabulous... The service, the boat and the area were completely fabulous. Truly was the best vacation ever and we have been around the world!”
Anne Pingree, The Moorings customer since 2009

Sailing“We just returned from another excellent boating experience in the BVI on one of your 474 Powercats, and we are already planning another! This was our fourth trip in 3 years and we just can’t say enough about the staff, yachts and destination. Secluded coves, sun, snorkeling, dinners under the stars and 4 star accommodations on the awesome 474. Thank you.”
Ron Blessing, The Moorings customer since 2006
Luxury Crewed Yacht Charterers  

“The crew took us to places we had not seen. Food was excellent. Overall atmosphere onboard was beyond description! The entire trip was absolutely marvelous - wonderful vessel enabled by an outstanding crew.”

B. Moore
Crewed Yacht Charter
Sailing“Revisited the BVI after 30 years — all my expectations well met and exceeded. Great quality with wonderful presentation.”
Johan Brahme, Moorings customer since 2012

Sailing“The most relaxed I’ve been in years. Yacht, crew and BVI fully delivered a fantastic experience.”
Robert Putnam, Moorings customer since 2012

Sailing“I didn’t want to wait until we were home to tell you what a fabulous time we had on My Ann! Dusty and Andy were impeccable hosts. We both can’t say enough about this experience, from the absolutely scrumptious meals to their knowledgeable information about the islands and the dive sites. We haven’t stopped smiling. We are sad to be leaving. Many thanks to The Moorings!”
Patricia W., Moorings customer since 2012


“Wonderful. Always wonderful. We have been enjoying The Moorings for 17 years now. We attempted to rent a bareboat from other providers. No comparison. Simply, no comparison. We resolved to always do our bareboating with Moorings, and introduced our grown up children and their friends to Moorings bareboat adventure as well. To paraphrase Maime: with The Moorings, life is a banquet.”

Gregory Wojtkowski, Moorings customer since 2008

St. Martin

“St. Barts’ harbor on New Years Eve…there are so many yachts, the town is lit up with music and lights, and the fireworks were amazing. Sailing from Island to Island with 7-8 knot winds. Meeting Richard Gere and Jimmy Buffet at St. Barts. Sailing the islands with family and friends made it the most enjoyable vacation.”

Mike Sims, Moorings customer since 2005

St Martin

Luxury Crewed Yacht Charterers  

“Just returned from our 6th charter with The Moorings. It was THE BEST CHARTER EVER! Great BOAT - Fantastic CREW - Unbelievable FOOD Unforgettable EXPERIENCES - MEMORIES that will last forever. Thanks again!”

Gary & Colleen Brukner
Crewed Yacht Charter
Sailing“Grand Case has the great restaurants, lovely beach. Ile Fourchue is beautiful, with free moorings for the day and night. Anse de Columbier is similar, but also includes a mile walk along the cliffs to a village and beautiful B&B on the other side. Gustavia has great restaurants also. Plenty of open sailing.”
Ben Riggs, The Moorings customer since 1998


Canouan & The Grenadines

“Best. Vacation. Ever. -- My husband & I chartered a captained yacht for one week. We began in St. Lucia and ended in Canouan, SVG. Every moment was pure bliss! If only every day of our lives began with jumping off a boat for a dip in the sea.”

Liesel Evans, The Moorings customer since 2007

Sailing“The base team at Canouan was superb! The staff went to extra lengths to meet our requests and to suggest extras we might need.”
Robin Watson, Moorings customer since 2004


“Just back from my second Moorings trip – awesome as always. The 7 nights felt like a month only because we enjoyed those long relaxed days without phones and Blackberrys. Trip was amazing and all The Moorings staff were exceptional.”

Judy Sparkes-Giannou, Moorings customer since 2007

St. Lucia

“The entire staff at St. Lucia were very pro-active in looking for ways to help us. They saved us time and money, and are customer focused. The Moorings staff at St. Lucia is “A-Team!”. It was fun to be associated with them.”

Bruce Newell, Moorings customer since 1995

St Lucia

Sailing“The single greatest vacation in the world! We landed in St. Lucia on a typical perfect Caribbean day. From the minute we arrived at the Moorings base our party was treated like royalty. We were briefed thoroughly on both the charts and the operation of the boat. Everything with the St. Lucia base was beyond our expectations.”
Edward Petersen, Moorings customer since 2008



Sailing"This is an incredible base. We hope it continues to grow and we look forward to returning."
Cathi Cox, Moorings customer since 2008

Sailing "The Tobago Cays were phenomenal. I felt I was snorkeling in my own private tropical fish tank."
Gary Zidd, Moorings customer since 2008

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“The boat was the highlight of our trip. It was my husband’s most favorite vacation of all time and we’ve travelled the world. He didn’t want to leave the boat so I guess you could say we loved our time with the Moorings. It was relaxing with some adventure and education thrown in.”

Grace Feight, Moorings customer since 2008


“Wonderful place to visit and explore. Water was warm and clear, sun was out … Moorings does an excellent job of maintaining the boat and organizing all the details required to make the trip more about vacationing and having fun than about keeping a boat properly supplied and running.”
Bruce Tomlinson, Moorings customer since 2009


Sailing“Beautiful islands...clear water....a great boat....priceless family memories! Our visit to Treasure Island beach was great....best beach I can remember seeing. The short hops to the different Cays were interesting. Each one seemed quite different from the last.”
Daniel Snyder, The Moorings customer since 2009
Sailing“Special thanks to The Moorings team for a great vacation (again)!”
Roger Molina, Moorings customer since 2011
Sailing“Perfect vacation. No need to lift a finger (we tried). Crew, Nick and Ily, were amazing. Wonderful people, boat and islands. We had the time of our lives.”
Ann Fricke, Moorings customer since 2008
Sailing“Thank you all so very, very much for your wonderful considerations and efforts in making our recent trip on your 474 motor cat in Abacos, Bahamas, such a terrific experience and adventure. The entire process from beginning to end was professional and smooth as silk.”
Linda Tutwiler, Moorings customer since 2009


“Regarding my recent sailing, I would like to inform you that after many travels all around the world including Asia, Europe, North & Central America, the Caribbean and Africa, my trip with your company was the BEST vacation I have ever taken. The boat was wonderful... I cannot sing your praises enough.”

Helen Martin, Moorings customer since 1992



“Best vacation ever!” is how one of our party put it. None of the four of us had ever been to Belize before (after several trips to the British Virgin Islands) so we didn’t know what to expect. But the little town of Placencia was charming.”

Peter Donaldson, Moorings customer since 2009

“We enjoyed sailing, snorkling, kayaking, surfing, kneeboarding, and exploring the various cayes. But the crew really made the difference. Not having to worry about cooking, cleaning, anchor watches, etc. was worth every penny… A Moorings Crewed charter in Belize is one of the best vacations you’ll ever experience!”

R. Eberwine
Crewed Yacht Charter
  Luxury Crewed Yacht Charterers

Sailing“Everything went perfectly well and it was a great vacation. Magnificent base, very well maintained with nice staff. Interesting navigation... Very pleasant destination with welcoming people.”
Philippe Delefortrie, Moorings customer since 2004

Sailing“The only way to do a honeymoon. -- Swimming with the manatees, sailing with the dolphins, visiting the interesting people on Thatch Caye, and catching barracuda on fly rods... The snorkeling was also world-class; eagle rays, manatees, tarpon, lobsters, etc.”
Jeffrey Georgia, The Moorings customer since 2006

Baja, Mexico

“Great work! Friendly and great support on land and on the water.”

Rusty McKee, Moorings customer since 2011


Power Charterers  

“Truly a “Magical” experience, the whole trip exceeded our expectations. This was our first bareboat charter and the 474PC was a blast to skipper. It handled beautifully and gave all 4 couples plenty of room. The most amazing thing was our fuel consumption or lack there-of."

M. Nelson
Power Yacht Charter

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“Gorgeous Anchorages, Beautiful Weather and Natural Scenery.”

James Boland, Moorings customer since 2012



“Now THAT’S Italian! Procida to Ischia to Capri to Amalfi to Capri to Ischia to Procida... Great sailing every day, sunshine and steady wind, spectacular scenery, friendly marinas, fantastic food in port.”

Thomson Chris Farquhar, Moorings customer since 2009

"From the moment we stepped on the yacht we were thrilled. The boat was beautiful – sparkling clean, beautifully appointed, and larger than we expected. The adventure of the trip and the daily planning with the crew, according to what we wanted to do, created a made to order vacation."

P. Hodges
Crewed Yacht Charter
  Luxury Crewed Yacht Charterers

Sailing“Everything was more than expected. Couldn’t have asked for a better crew — the cuisine presentation rivaled a 5-star restaurant.”
Clint Choate, Moorings customer since 2012

Sailing“Procida to Ischia to Capri to Amalfi to Capri to Ischia to Procida... great sailing every day, sunshine and steady wind, spectacular scenery, friendly marinas, fantastic food in port. Can’t wait to go back!”
Thomson Chris Farquhar, Moorings customer since 2009


“Full service with a smile.”
Hugh Packer, Moorings customer since 2005


“I have always been impressed with Moorings primarily by the quality and condition of the boats.”

Gary Everett, Moorings customer since 2009

St Lucia



“Just perfect!”

Ed Kolodzieski, Moorings customer since 2011


“Loved it! Moorings first timer, was very satisfied across the board. Outstanding location. Superb service at the base during our trip, boat in optimal form. May was a good call if you want to sail; winds were a blast and we had the whole place to ourselves. Very practical configuration, well provisioned!”

Rachad Youssef, Moorings customer since 2009

St Lucia


“Beautiful location, beautiful boat, friendly people, good friends! Why did we have to go back home?”

Stewart Helmer, Moorings customer since 2009



“Everything went superbly well in Orhaniye: welcome, boat, weather, fabulous landscapes and even sea water at 75°F.”

Bernard Durand-Gasselin, Moorings customer since 2010

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“The service is second to none. The condition of the yacht and the knowledge of the staff prepared us for an amazing week at sea. The Moorings made us feel as if we had been chartering with them forever.”

Joseph Pratt, Moorings customer since 2009


“Absolutely fantastic! The land crew went above and beyond the call of duty, and were incredibly friendly both on arrival and departure. Probably the biggest highlight was being able to moor in some very remote bays and have so much space to ourselves in the most amazing location ever!”

Greg Love, Moorings customer since 2008

St Lucia

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“Everything went very smoothly. All staff were friendly and courteous. Everything went as advertised. ”

Mr and Mrs John Warden, Moorings customer since 2012


Thailand “Everything was amazing! Can’t wait to come back again - this was our second time with The Moorings in Phuket!”

Lauri Trites, Moorings customer since 2011

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“The trip of a lifetime........One more time. It was my 17th Moorings trip. Excellent as usual!”

Kevin Holme, Moorings customer since 1986


“We thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip. It was all memorable! Catching Tuna, dinner at the Taravana and Lâ Hibiscus Yacht Club, the crossings, the diving, the people, the scenery, all fantastic.”

Steve Holmstrom, Moorings customer since 2007


Power Charterers  

“What a special experience, and definitely one for the bucket list! The boat was immaculate and the crew made us feel special every minute of the day. The cuisine and service was excellent. Our captain organized an exciting and varied itinerary so it was interesting, relaxing and fun.”

J. Watson & friends
Crewed Yacht Charter



“Absolute heaven on a beautiful boat in one of this world’s most beautiful places.”

Allan Grant, Moorings customer since 2008

New Zealand

“Would return in a heartbeat! All the people we met during our stay in NZ were so friendly and kind. We had a great time. The Moorings staff is the best. Very knowledgeable and friendly.”

Michael Ball, Moorings customer since 2004

St Lucia

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