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Please note: Key West Florida is a partner base. No credit certificates or discounts, e.g. Captain's Rewards or Special Offers, apply in this destination.

Please note this base is seasonally closed September 7th to 21st, 2021.

This page provides useful planning, pre-departure and travel information. From servicing airports to base arrival procedures, it will tell you what to expect to make your vacation smooth and care free. 

We suggest you read the following information carefully several weeks prior to departure and also print a copy to take with you.

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

It is important that you refer to our main COVID-19 page for Florida to see detailed guidelines and information sources before you go on vacation.

Read Covid Travel Guidelines

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Before You Travel

Base Address  
6651 Maloney Ave #1
Stock Island, FL 33040

Base Hours  
9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday 


Base Marinas
When you arrive please go directly to the base office at 6651 Maloney Ave #1, Stock Island, FL 33040 USA and from there you will be directed to your yacht. The yachts at this base are located in 2 separate marinas, the majority of the yachts being at Oceans Edge Resort & Marina. 

Oceans Edge Resort & Marina, 5950 Peninsular Ave., Stock Island

Pegasus - MY 40

Go Big Oar Go Home – Soana 47

Daydream Believer – Mahe 36

Espirit de Liberte – Lagoon 450

Stock Island Marina Village, 7005 Shrimp Rd., Stock Island

Sea Lyon – Lucia 40

General Information
Geography: Key West is the southernmost point of the contiguous United States of America and is part of the island chain known as the Florida Keys. It is well-known for the Overseas Highway that connects the Keys and ends in Key West, the famous people that once called Key West their home (e.g. Ernest Hemingway), its fantastic diving and snorkeling due to the nearby reef, as well as its trendy nightlife.
Population:  approx. 24,850  
Language:  The official language of the United States is English 
Business Hours:  Most stores are open Monday through Saturday from 10 or 11am to at least 6pm, with shorter hours on Sunday.
Tipping:  Tipping is standard and expected in all restaurants / bars and for other services undertaken during your vacation. Some establishments automatically add this onto the bill. Recommendations for tipping in the United States:
*Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs: 15%-20% of check is generally acceptable if it has not been added to your bill
*Hotels: Bellhops $2/bag, Housekeepers $1-$2/day
*Doorman or Concierge: Only if providing you a specific service (ex. calling a cab, difficult-to-get event tickets)
*Valet Parking Attendant - Suggested Tipping: $1/car pick-up
*Cab drivers: 15% of the fare
Currency:  The local currency is the United States Dollar (USD)
Electricity:  The voltage used is 110-120 Volts
Time:  Key West, Florida is located in the Eastern Time Zone
In Eastern Standard Time (EST) - UTC/GMT -5 hours
In Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) - UTC/GMT -4 hours
"Daylight" saving's time (summer time) moves the clock 1 hour ahead of standard time. It is in effect from 1am on the 2nd Sunday in March to 1am on the 1st Sunday in November, except in Arizona, Hawaii, USVI and Puerto Rico.
Taxes:  The U.S. has no value-added tax (VAT) or other indirect "national" tax. Every state, county and city may levy its own local tax on all purchases, including hotel / restaurant checks and airline tickets. Taxes do not appear on price tags.

Festivals & Holidays
New Year's Day (Jan 1)
Independence Day (July 4)
Veterans/Armistice Day (Nov 11)
Christmas Day (Dec 25)

Movable public holidays
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
President's Day
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Thanksgiving Day

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How to Get There

Key West International Airport (EYW)
3491 S Roosevelt Blvd
Key West, FL 33040

Due to the number of flights we organize, the Moorings can offer some great rates to many destinations. Please make sure you contact our inhouse flight specialist at 866.649.2003 before you book your flights.

Airport is approximately a 10 min drive to the base. Ubers are available from the airport to the base. If you would rather call a taxi please use these services:

Key West Taxi: 305-296-6666
Friendly Cabs of Key West: 305-295-5555

Car rental
Budget: 305-294-8868
Avis: 305-296-8744
Hertz: 305-294-1039

The Key West Express is a ferry that runs from Ft. Myers to Key West/Key West to Ft. Myers. Make sure to check https://www.keywestexpress.net/ before arriving as this ferry is weather dependent.

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Check In/Check Out

Check In Procedures
Unless otherwise scheduled with the base manager all check-ins will begin at 10 am on the first day of your charter vacation. The skipper of the vessel must go through a chart briefing before departing, as well as a boat walkthrough. Please allow approx. 2 hours for complete look at all vessel systems and inventory. This will be conducted with the captain and first mate only. Please do not load luggage or provisions before the check in process is complete. 

Please note, the base is closed for starts on: December 25th / January 1st / November 25th / July 4th. 

Float Plan
You  must submit a float plan 2 weeks before arrival with a list of all passengers for the final manifest. It is important if you are considering a trip to the Dry Tortugas that you request the information sheet about this destination for proper planning. A dry Tortuga float plan is subject to approval in advance and weather conditions.

Late Arrivals 
A late check in option is available at this location which includes an overnight on board. Late check ins are only scheduled for 2 pm. This option comes with an additional fee.

Overnight Board
If you have opted to stay aboard the vessel the night before your charter starts please note there is a strict policy of check aboard after 3:00 pm due to other check outs. If your travel schedule has you arriving earlier you can inquire with the base manager to see if there is opportunity for an earlier check aboard.

Check Out Procedures
A debriefing and final walkthrough will be done upon return so please allow enough time to complete this before the charter end time. Your yacht is due back at the base at 10am on the last day of your charter. 

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What's on Board

For all your provisioning needs supermarkets are available nearby. Visit our Base Guide page for more details.

Mobile phones 
Cellular service by U.S. providers work well in Key West, Florida. However, cell service will be lost when heading out to the Dry Tortugas. Be sure to check with your service provider for coverage details, roaming charges and call costs if you are arriving from abroad. You will need to activate international roaming on your contract, if your provider does not offer coverage in the United States.

While most of our newer boats have Bluetooth capability, we cannot guarantee all boats are outfitted with this equipment. For your convenience, we highly recommend you bring an AUX cord so you can listen to music from your mobile devices.

Your vessel will have a full tank of fuel when you depart and shall be returned full. The cost of the fuel plus a $100 fuel fee will be charged against your security deposit if the yacht is returned without a full fuel tank.

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What to Bring

Customs & Immigration
Entry, exit, and visa requirements depend on the locations you are departing from and traveling to. You are responsible for having the correct documents so make sure to check with the consulate of the countries you plan to visit before you travel. Visit travel.state.gov for the latest information.

Luggage & Packing List
Soft-sided luggage or duffel bags are best, as luggage storage space on your yacht may be limited. We have no facilities for holding luggage at the base. Pack lightly and review our suggested packing list for required and necessary items to bring.

  • Pack essential prescription medicine and change of clothing in a carry-on bag*
  • Passport and other travel documentation
  • Tickets and paper confirmations for pre-planned activities
  • Light-colored, light-weight clothing
  • Formal wear for upscale dining establishments
  • Swimwear and cover up
  • Proper deck shoes
  • Hats and sunglasses
  • Sandals and flip-flops
  • Athletic shoes and hiking boots
  • Travel-sized toiletries and hygiene products
  • Insect repellent and OTC pain relievers/ointments
  • AUX cable for playing music through your device

  • Beach towels

  • An extra cooler for fishing

We would highly recommend packing prescription medicine and essential clothing (swimsuit, t-shirt and shorts) in your hand luggage as occasionally your luggage may arrive at the base after you do.

The use of flying drones may be restricted in some areas. For current drone regulations in this destination, please visit   https://uavcoach.com/drone-laws-florida/ 

Security Deposit
A security deposit must be paid by all charterers before the charter. This will be paid directly with the charter base and their terms and conditions apply.To significantly decrease your security deposit, purchase our Yacht Damage Waiver insurance ahead of time.

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Health & Safety

Vaccination and Immunization Information
Inoculations or vaccinations are not required for entry into the United States, unless you're arriving from an area known to be suffering from an epidemic (particularly cholera or yellow fever). At time of publication, an International Vaccination Certificate is not mandatory.

Clients wanting more information on vaccinations and immunizations should contact: The Centers for Disease Control's International Travelers' Hotline in the USA at 404-639-3534. Detailed traveler's advice on traveling abroad can also be found at www.cdc.gov/travel/index.htm. This website is in English.

Visit cdc.gov for the latest information.

Travel Advice  
Your health and safety are important to us. For advice on how to stay safe while on charter, please review our Travel Advice InformationCurrent travel and safety information can be obtained by visiting travel.state.gov

Swim Safe
For your safety and for environmental reasons, the feeding of fish is not recommended and may be prohibited in some destinations.

Travel Insurance
We recommend purchasing travel insurance for your vacation. The Moorings offers comprehensive travel insurance for your peace of mind. If you have your own travel insurance, verify that it covers the destinations and activities of your Moorings charter vacation.

All yachts are equipped with adult life jackets and harnesses, we leave it up to you to decide when personal safety equipment should be worn.

If you have your own children’s life jacket we would encourage you to bring it along to ensure a proper fit for your child. Children under the age of 16yrs should not operate an outboard engine and should be supervised at all times when in the dinghy.

Dial Tel #911 anywhere in the US to reach emergency service by fire, call the police, or get an ambulance. This is a toll-free call & no coins are required at public telephones.

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*Please note country entry/exit and vaccination/immunization requirements can and do change. The Moorings is not accountable for these requirement changes and we advise visiting the destination's authority website to receive the latest updates.

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