Alex & Hortense

The Outside the Box team, can’t wait to welcome you to the BVI

Alexander, the captain, brings a wealth of sailing experience to every charter. Having sailed extensively in the Pacific near the Australian shore, most of the Mediterranean, and the French Atlantic coasts, his expertise spans across diverse sailing environments.

With a profound understanding of these waters, Alexander curates unique and captivating itineraries, ensuring an unforgettable charter experience for guests. His passion for sailing, coupled with a deep connection to the ocean, makes him the ideal captain to guide you through the wonders of the seas.

Hortense, a masterful chef specialised in French/Asian fusion cuisine. Hortense crafts exquisite dishes inspired by the region’s flavours and ingredients. Charter guests are in for an unforgettable gastronomic journey, savouring the unique blend of cultures and tastes that Hortense artfully presents aboard.

*If unforeseen circumstances prevent this crew from hosting your charter, another competent crew will substitute.

Alex & Hortense

Podolsky Alexander


French, English

Experiences / Qualifications

Yacht Master Offshore with Commercial endorsement
First aid
Law License

Areas Traveled

Atlantic (France, Portugal) Most of the Mediterranean, Pacific (Aus, NZ) USA, Turkey, Most of the EU, China, New Caledonia.

Sailing, Navigation, Surf, Meeting new people and Culture, Books

Alex & Hortense

Hortense Marie


French, English, Italian

Experiences / Qualifications

Flight attendant
First Aid (Red Cross)
Bachelor in Marketing & Communications

Areas Traveled

Most of the Mediterranean by land and sea , EU, USA, Golf Countries (GCC), South America, Australia, South Asia

Gastronomy, Cuisine, Traveling, ethnology

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