Welcome Aboard

The Conch Inn Hotel and Marina is the perfect home port for your Abacos vacation. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by our wonderful desk staff, who will help you arrange everything you need to set sail quickly and easily. Depending on your arrival time, the procedure may vary. Review the list below to get an idea of your journey through the base.

When you Arrive

  • Check in at reception
  • Pick up general base information
  • Arrange Chart Briefing time & Onboard Boat Briefing time
  • Review boat paperwork and yacht damage waiver
  • Collect any pre-booked fishing equipment from Island Boy Tackle
  • Relax by the pool
  • Enjoy other off site activities
  • Board your yacht
  • Onboard Boat Briefing - 60 minutes
  • Set sail!

Address & Hours 
The Moorings Bahamas Ltd 
P.O. Box AB 20469, East Bay Street 
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahama

Opening Hours: 
7:30am – 6:00pm 
7 days a week

Start & End times 
Start: Charters start at 10:00 am 
Sleep Aboard: Board your yacht at 4:00 pm 
End: Charters end at 10:00 am. Your boat must be vacated for debriefing/checks by this time.

Briefing times 
Boat/chart briefings are scheduled at 9:00 am for morning starts and 3:00 pm for Sleep Aboard.. Briefings can also be arranged around arrival times. If arrival is after 6:00 pm the briefing will be arranged for the next morning. All Skippers are required to attend the briefings. 

Phones, WiFi & Electricity
Internet Connectivity:
 The Abaco Beach Resort & Conch Inn offer complementary Wi-Fi. Bahamas WI MAX has set up hotspots at the major marinas around Abacos. They offer a pre-paid WI-FI service charged per day or per week. You must reserve at least two weeks prior to departure to guarantee. The Wi-Fi service is available in most harbors.

Cellular Phones: Your mobile phone may work in the Bahamas, check with your service provider for coverage. 

Electricity: The electrical service on The Bahamas is normally 120 volts, 60 cycles AC, in which case North American appliances are fully compatible, while European appliances will need both converters and adapters. Voltage varies with location, however, and some places in the islands may have 220 volt electrical service. Call your hotel ahead of time to find out which system they use. The standard voltage on all yachts is 12volts in order to use electronic equipment that is 110v or 220v; you will need an inverter suitable for use in a cigarette lighter.

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Water Toys & Sports

For your convenience, you can add water toys to your charter when booking and they will be waiting on your boat upon arrival.  You may wait to rent these at the base when you arrive, though there may be limited availability. For more information, please view our Water Sports Options.

The Moorings provides snorkeling gear (flippers, masks & snorkels) for all charters for your pleasure.  Please check availability for children sizes prior to your charter.  You may wish to pack your own snorkeling gear.

Kayaks & SUPs
We offer kayaks and stand up paddle boards for rent.

Dive Abaco is located at the base and is the most easily accessed dive shop. For more diving options contact your Moorings Vacation Planning Specialist.

Mermaid reef, Johnny's Cay, Manjack Cay, No name Cay and Walkers Cay reef are all protected underwater preserves.

Fishing is allowed and a license is not required for charterers. To protect the marine environment, spear fishing using scuba gear and possession of spear guns are illegal in The Bahamas. Two areas are protected and fishing is not permitted: Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park Fowl Cay Preserve.

Fishing equipment can be rented around the base by a local free-lancer who provides fishing gear, nets and slings and from Island Boy Tackle Some fishing charters are also available.

Spiny Lobster season is from August 1st - March 31st. Minimum size is a 5 1/2 inches tail length or 3 1/4 inch carapace length (measured from the base of the horns to the end of the jacket). Unlike Florida, lobster may be taken by spear. It is illegal to take or possess female lobster with eggs. The vessel bag limit is six per person at any one time.

There is no closed season on conch, but it's illegal to take or possess immature conch.  In order to be legal, conch must have a well formed lip (or flared-lip). The vessel bag limit is ten per person at any one time.

The vessel bag limit for scale fish is 20 pounds per person. The minimum size for any member of the grouper family is three pounds.

Stone Crabs may be taken if the claw length is four inches or greater. The season is closed from June 1 - October 15.  It is illegal to harvest female stone crabs.

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Provisioning Services
This destination offers the convenience of our Online Provisioning ServiceLet The Moorings take all the hassle out of provisioning your yacht with the highest quality beverages, fresh foods, and non-food items. Order complete packages when booking online or over the phone. Or choose to order online from our Online Provisioning Store which also offers all packages and an extensive a la carte inventory. We’ll coordinate the details and guarantee that everything is aboard your yacht when you arrive. Visit our Provisioning Page to learn more.

1. Maxwell’s - Large supermarket, 15-20 minutes walk from base
Open Mon-Thurs: 8am–7pm; Fri-Sat: 8am–8pm; Sun: 8am–4pm 
2.  Abaco Groceries - Wholesale/Retail Store, 10 minutes by taxi from base 
Open Mon–Sat: 8am–6pm; Sun: closed 

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Conch Inn Hotel & Marina

The Conch Inn Hotel & Marina is the perfect home for your Abacos vacation. We offer hotel accommodations and marina facilities. We are conveniently located on Marsh Harbour's restaurant row, in close proximity to shops and the downtown area. 

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