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Moorings Ownership

Experience the fulfillment of owning a first-class yacht and sailing in some of the world’s best cruising grounds through the Moorings Yacht Ownership program.

With multiple ways to own a yacht, you have the flexibility to find the best option for you. Earn guaranteed monthly income without maintenance or upkeep costs in the guaranteed income program. Take your customized yacht on extended getaways with the Advantage Ownership program. Whether you are looking for a sail, power or crewed yacht, the Moorings Yacht Ownership program can get you on the water without the challenges of private ownership.


Sailing Yacht Ownership

With destinations worldwide, sailing in new and exotic locations becomes a reality. The sailing fleet offers Beneteau monohulls and exclusive access to renowned Robertson and Caine Leopard catamarans.

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  • Upgraded Yachts
  • Access to over 20 Destinations
  • Monthly Revenue Check
  • Professionally Maintained

Power Yacht Ownership

The Moorings power yachts come fully equipped for luxury without sacrificing performance. Experience the freedom a power yacht provides by joining our fleet of exclusive Robertson and Caine Leopard power catamarans.

More about Power Yacht Ownership >

  • Fuel Efficient powercats
  • Use of sailboats too
  • One of a kind program
  • Rigorously maintained yachts

Crewed Yacht Ownership

As an owner of a crewed yacht, a captain familiar with local cruising grounds can take you places you have never been, while all of your meals are thoughtfully prepared by an experienced chef. Feel confident knowing that a full-time crew will provide around-the-clock care even when you are away.

More about Crewed Yacht Ownership >

  • Upgraded Yacht Equipment
  • First-class Skipper
  • Gourmet Chef
  • Water Toys Included
  • No Additional Cost

Moorings Advantage Program

Customize your yachting experience with our yacht management program. Allow yourself the flexibility of more choices, including an owner’s version of any Leopard model, Beneteau sailboats, Jeanneau sailboats and Beneteau Swift Trawlers. Receive unlimited yacht usage and your choice of destination bases in the U.S., Bahamas, and British Virgin Islands.

More about Moorings Advantage Program >

  • More flexibility
  • Unlimited Owner's Use
  • More Yacht Choices
  • Earn Revenue from Charters
  • New Destinations
  • Access to Moorings Worldwide Bases
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