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Moorings 5000 under sail in St Martin

Karlo & Sara

The L`Aquila team, can’t wait to welcome you to St Martin

Set sail with Captain Karlo and Chef Sara on an unforgettable vacation that will leave you refreshed, with bellies full of good food and hearts full of fond memories.

Embark on unmatched adventures: your Captain ensures safety, expertise, and the ultimate voyage tailored to your desires. Captain Karlo, a seasoned maritime professional with decades of experience navigating the world’s waters. Known for a steadfast commitment to safety, captain blends expertise with a passion for delivering unforgettable journeys. From tranquil cruises to daring expeditions, trust in captain to steer your voyage with skill and precision, ensuring every moment at sea is a seamless and extraordinary experience. Captain who has been sailing from a young age and born on the sea and travelled around the world under the sails to the beautiful destinations such as Croatian coast and islands.

Sara was born and raised in Croatia and found her love of cooking very early age while spending time exploring traditional Croatian recipes with her grandmother. In 2021 she had the opportunity to start working in the yachting industry in Croatia since she studied Maritime Engineering and information technology . She took a glance into the industry and discovered that her love of sailing and her culinary skills are indeed the perfect combination.

Sara has learned from her Grandmother the importance of thinking outside of the box when it comes to preparing delicious food. She always personalizes menu for every individual group and uses the freshest possible ingredients and produce available to create a variety of delicious dishes. She likes to refer to her recipes as “when old meets modern “. She has well rounded ray of recipes which include Vegan and Vegetarian meals, fresh seafood as well as traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Sara is well known for her famous Shrimp Risotto and chocolate miracle which will leave you wanting more.

Spending time exploring both nature and water is part of her daily routine. You can find Sara either walking around islands or snorkeling for her guests to have little something to take home as unique souvenir from their vacation . Her dedication and warm character makes everyone who sails with her has a relaxing and memorable time aboard , tummy full of delicious food and the most fabulous vacation ever.

*If unforeseen circumstances prevent this crew from hosting your charter, another competent crew will substitute.




Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, English, Italian

Experiences / Qualifications

Yacht master license
Basic safety
Experienced sailor
Advanced diver

Areas Traveled

Croatian islands, UK, Italy, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Montenegro

Sports, Diving, Skydiving, Bungee jumping, Fishing, Sailing, Racing




Croatian, Bosnia, Serbian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian

Experiences / Qualifications

Mediterranean cuisine
Italian cuisine
French cuisine
Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine
Cocktail master certificate
Level 2 food safety and hygiene certificate

Areas Traveled

Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, German, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, France

Sports, cooking, baking, reading, DIY, adrenaline sports, sailing

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