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Italy is a land of passion and romance, of history and culture, of beauty varied in its nature. The volcanic Aeolian Islands rise in angular contrast to the more subdued but no less beautiful Emerald Coast of Sardinia. The picturesque Amalfi coast, near the Bay of Naples, is the essence of serenity and tradition. Bustling Palermo, in Sicily, boasts a uniquely scenic appeal, as do the outer islands off the Sicilian coast. An Italy yacht charter offers a rich diversity in experiences, a sampling of the best in the Mediterranean.



Procida Sailing Yacht Charter

Sail the seas of mythical heroes and legendary stories from the helm of a bareboat charter from Procida. Follow the string of islands each with their own secrets for you to discover.

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  • Quaint and Bustling Procida
  • Roman Harbor of Ventotene
  • Fabulous Seafood and Shellfish
  • Castles, Forts and Lighthouses
  • Thermal Baths at Ischia
  • Wide Variety of Islands

Tropea Sailing Yacht Charter

Volcanoes, scenic anchorages, and pristine sailing wait around the Aeolian Islands in the southern edge of the Tyrrhenian Sea. See through your own eyes the sites of this unspoiled wonder.

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  • Easy Access to the Volcanic Lipari Islands
  • Join the Jet Set in Lively Panarea
  • Idyllic Anchorages Away From Crowds
  • 16th Century Architecture in Tropea
  • Stromboli, Europe’s Largest Active Volcano
  • Longer Passages and Island Hopping

Cannigione Sailing Yacht Charter

Start a new journey in Sardinia where 475 miles of sea stretch before you waiting to be covered. Crest the waves and take in the nearby sites that line the ocean in an array of photo-worthy towns and harbors.

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  • Relaxed sailing
  • Short passages
  • Straightforward navigation
  • Idyllic anchorages
  • Chic and picturesque harbors
  • Tantalizing local cuisine

Procida Crewed Yacht Charter

Like something from a child’s storybook, the seaside village of Procida rises from the blue sea in a wash of pastel pinks, sunflower yellows, and ocean blues. The southwest coast of Italy exhibits vibrant culture and modern marvels that continue to appeal to the travel-hungry.

More about Procida Crewed Yacht Charter >

  • Bustling Procida
  • Roman Harbor of Ventotene
  • Thermal Baths at Ischia
  • Castles and Lighthouses
  • Fabulous Seafood
  • Wide Variety of Islands
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