How to Have the Best Charter Vacation in Belize

How to Have the Best Charter Vacation in Belize

A Belize Crewed charter is the kind of vacation that daydreams are made of. Because Belize is blessed with so many hidden treasures, a stylish Moorings catamaran allows charterers to effortlessly access some of the most pristine spots nestled throughout the waters of Belize. Plus, guests can enjoy the ultimate all-inclusive escape featuring onboard Five-Star service with an expert captain and gourmet chef.

Conveniently located in northern Central America, in between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is small in stature but grand in unspoiled scenery and world-class splendor. Boasting idyllic cruising conditions as well as some of the best snorkeling & diving spots throughout the 350-mile long Mesoamerican Reef, the “adventure coast” is deserving of its nickname and it deserves to be at the top of every traveler’s bucket list.

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If your charter party is enticed by warm breezes, pleasantly-short passages between charter stops, and impromptu onshore escapes, a Belize yacht charter delivers. The cruising off Belize’s unspoiled coast is that much better aboard an all-inclusive crewed charter because you get to collaborate with your dedicated Crew to make your own plans and set your own pace.

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Each day can be a new adventure in a different secluded destination. You can rely on your seasoned Crew to take you on an unforgettable journey revealing the best sights, snorkeling spots, and beaches located along the blissful Belizean coast. Here are some of our favorite things to do during a Crewed getaway:

To truly grasp just how splendid this place is, you just have to go. So come aboard and make it a once in a lifetime experience of your own, making unforgettable memories on the water with the ones that matter most.

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