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Croatia Catamaran Charter

When is the best time to sail in Croatia

The best time to go to Croatia on a blissful sailing charter is between April-October.

With deep blue waters, incredibly rugged coastlines, and over 1,000 islands waiting to be explored, it’s no wonder that Croatia is a favorite destination among sailors. Whether it’s your first time taking the helm on a bareboat charter, or you’ve been uncovering the treasures of the Adriatic Sea for years, you’re sure to fall in love with Croatia’s natural beauty.

To help you decide when to book your dream yacht charter in Croatia, we’ve put together a guide that takes you through everything from the peak sailing season to the worst months to visit.

Best month to visit Croatia on a sailing charter

While the sailing season runs from April-October, the high season is considered to be June, July and August. This is the most popular time to set sail around the stunning islands of Croatia.

Why are June, July and August the best months to visit Croatia?

When is the worst time to visit Croatia?

You might also be wondering about the worst months of the year to visit Croatia, whether you’re booking a bareboat, skippered or crewed charter. The natural beauty of Croatia remains breathtaking all year-around, however the weather and sailing conditions are not ideal in the Winter months. 

Croatia experiences a typical European Winter like our other Mediterranean destinations in Greece and Italy, with wet, windy, dark and very cold days. To keep our customers safe and content, our Croatia base closes each year between mid-November and the end of March, opening up again during the Spring when the sun begins to shine and sailing conditions become ideal for exploring secluded islands and hidden beaches. Your safety is our highest priority which is why we have in-depth pre-charter briefings, experienced base staff on hand to help, and plenty of useful information before you set sail.

Want to ring in the New Year on the beach, or simply escape the cold? Treat yourself to a Winter vacation in the Caribbean, where you’ll find beautiful sunshine, sizzling temperatures and warm turquoise waters.

When to visit Croatia out of high season

While the Winter months are not ideal for taking the helm on a power charter around Croatia, there are still months outside of the high season that you can visit the picturesque islands on a sailing vacation.

Although June, July and August are the peak months, any time between April-October will offer an exceptional sailing vacation where you can cruise around the Adriatic Sea and make memories for life.

What are the benefits of visiting Croatia outside of the high season?

Whether you visit Croatia during the high or low season, one of the most important things is ensuring you sail as sustainably as possible. At The Moorings, we are taking every step possible to create responsible sailing vacations, including updating all our monohulls in the Mediterranean with antifouling protection. Learn more about how to sail sustainably.

Tips for choosing when to visit Croatia

We understand that choosing when to visit Croatia can feel like a difficult decision, particularly if you’ve not set sail around the majestic Adriatic Sea before. Choosing a vacation date is very personal, and you need to take a lot of factors into consideration.

To support you with this, we have put together five questions that might help you to make a decision on the best time to sail in Croatia for you:

  1. Do you want a quieter, more peaceful sailing charter or would you prefer a lively, sociable vacation?
  2. Are there any particular events you want to go to during your charter that only happen at specific times of the year?
  3. Are you traveling with children (or teachers) who cannot travel during School term time?
  4. Does anyone in your party have a preference on when to visit Croatia? Whether you’re setting sail as a family, couple or group of friends, it’s important to decide as a team.
  5. Are you dreaming of hot days with the golden sun on your face or are you happy with shadier, cooler days?

Once you have decided when to visit Croatia, it’s time to build your quote. Whether you are booking a bareboat charter on a catamaran or skippered charter on a monohull, we can’t wait to welcome you to our base at Marina Agana soon.

If you have any questions about the best time to visit Croatia, our Agana itineraries, or any part of booking your next sailing escape with The Moorings, please get in touch with us today.

Step into paradise on a yacht charter in Croatia. Build a quote and book your dream vacation today.



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