Summer Departures Special
British Virgins Islands sign

Part Three: Bringing the BVI to You

This week’s exciting rendition of our exclusive #BringingParadiseToYou blog series is all about the one and only British Virgin Islands (BVI)—our flagship charter base, the holy grail of yachting destinations, and the ultimate “home away from home” for Moorings guests. As our unified nation continues searching for ways to stick together while staying apart, we hope the items below will spread a little joy into your lives and help keep you in good spirits in the weeks to come.

NEW Photo Hunt Game

Answers BVI Photo Hunt Game


If you’ve ever played the arcade version of “Photo Hunt” in a dive bar, you know just how fun and addicting it can be, and that’s why we’ve created our very own photo hunt game for you featuring one of our all-time favorite BVI beach bars—Foxy’s! So focus your peepers on the two images shown above and see if you can spot all 10 differences. To view the answer key, simply click on the link here.

BVI Activity Booklet for Kids

Children on catamaran trampoline in the BVI


To give the kiddos (and grown-ups with an inner-child!) something fun to do, click on the link below to download and print our free BVI activity booklet. Take them on a pretend journey to the Caribbean with their own little “passport” that teaches some basic sailing terms, how to tie knots, fun facts about the BVI, and more. Take a fun learning break with your kids and add a bit of BVI flair to your day!

Open Activity Booklet

#BringingParadiseToYou Playlist

For easy-listening during these not-so-easy times, we’ve added even more “feel good” jams to our island vibes inspired playlist. Thinking positive thoughts should come naturally when streaming this carefully-selected compilation of “quarantunes”…

Custom Wallpapers & Screensavers

Moorings 5000 in St. Martin


Our free desktop and iPhone wallpaper downloads are back for the third week in a row. This time we are showcasing a stunning photo of our newest sailing catamaran—The Moorings 5000. Use the links provided below to download the proper size wallpaper for your device.

The Moorings 5000 Desktop – 1080p
The Moorings 5000 iPhone 11
The Moorings 5000 iPhone 11 Pro
The Moorings 5000 iPhone 11 Pro Max
The Moorings 5000 iPhone X

“Painkiller Pops” Recipe

Preparing Painkiller Popsicles


We know you are no stranger to the BVI’s world-famous Painkiller cocktail, so we’re sharing a fun new way to enjoy this tropical concoction at home with our “Painkiller Pops” recipe. I mean honestly—what better way to “chill out” and chase your troubles away than with a frozen version of your favorite Caribbean rum drink?! Here’s how to make it…

(Yield: about 6 popsicle sized servings)

Mix or blend together the pineapple juice, coconut milk, orange juice, rum, crushed pineapple, and simple syrup.
Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze overnight or until frozen.

If you don’t have popsicle molds, you can also use disposable plastic/paper cups (which can be peeled off before serving) or glass/plastic tumblers from your cupboard (run the cup under some warm water to remove before serving). With either of those options, create your own “stick” using standard popsicle sticks, reusable plastic straws, utensils, or chopsticks.

And if all else fails, freeze the mixture in a Tupperware container, thaw until scoopable, serve in bowls, and enjoy your Painkiller slushies with a spoon!


Are you day-dreaming of the British Virgin Islands? Share your unforgettable moments with us using hashtag #BringingParadiseToYou on Facebook or Instagram.


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