Sail in These 4 Famous Filming Locations

Have you ever wondered where some of your favorite motion picture masterpieces were actually set and recorded? Because you wish you could go there in real life to soak up the incredible scenery and visit some of the iconic sites portrayed on screen?

For those with a higher appreciation of stunning cinematography, and for those self-proclaimed die-hard fans of the following—Game of Thrones, James Bond, & Pirates of the Caribbean—there are four premier charter destinations that you can visit to capture the essence of all your favorite on-film moments.

Here’s a sneak preview of how your fantasy getaway could unfold into a real life adventure series you’ll treasure forever….


Croatia - Game of Thrones

As if it needs any introduction, the sensationally popular television series Game of Thrones has established quite a name for itself in the arts & entertainment world. And due to its unique filming location in the ancient country of Croatia, the yacht charter and travel industries have also experienced the “GoT effect.” In fact, you would be hard-pressed these days to find a top travel places list that does not include Croatia somewhere on it, and rightfully so.

Perhaps this enchanting destination’s popularity is directly-linked to the gargantuan Game of Thrones fan following, but it could also be the exquisite ancient architecture, the Dalmation Coast’s unspoiled splendor, the delectable Mediterranean cuisine, or the traditional charm of the amicable culture that continues to draw people in.


Thailand rocky pillars

In the ninth of the infamous Bond movies, Roger Moore leaves his license to kill legacy behind in Phuket, Thailand, well after filming of the action-packed screenplay came to an end. Ever since, the secluded so-called “James Bond Island” in Phang-nga Bay, which the film leads viewers to believe is somewhere in China, has been a notable destination for Thailand visitors during their yacht charter vacation.

The famous “James Bond Island” is formally known as Khoa Phing Kan and before making its world-premiere appearance in the internationally-popular secret agent series, it was not a well-known travel destination. The Man with the Golden Gun put Khoa Phing Kan on the map, but as a result, it revealed a stunning little secret off the coast of Thailand that visitors from all over the world flock to time and again.


When you’re in the mood for tempting tropical scenery and laid-back beach vibes, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have a special way of satisfying that craving. But nothing compares to the real thing, so you might as well escape to Jack Sparrow’s pillaging cruising grounds to truly enjoy the best of the Caribbean while reliving your favorite scenes from the charismatic motion picture.

Moorings 5000 under sail in the Exumas

Exumas (Bahamas)—Scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel Dead Man’s Chest were filmed on the island of Exuma and the famous fight scene from the 1963 James Bond hit movie Thunderball was staged in a cave nowadays known as Thunderball Grotto that you can still visit on an Exumas charter vacation.

Yacht moored at sea

St. Lucia—The stunning island of St. Lucia makes a memorable cameo in the first blockbuster film at Marigot Bay, where captain Jack Sparrow sees the skeletons hanging from the natural arch that protrudes from the clear-blue Caribbean waters. 

Come aboard to star in your own Five-Star escape, on your own syndicated yacht, with your own all-star cast. It’s your turn to escape the real world and debut the vacation of your dreams in the critically-acclaimed destination of your choice. Set sail with The Moorings and discover the ultimate enhanced-version of make believe on the water, because hi-def has nothing on a once in a lifetime experience like this.


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