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Sail the Tyrrhenian Sea

Sail the Tyrrhenian Sea

Feast your senses on a voyage for the ages.

For centuries, the Italian shores have inspired countless tales of heroic adventures and magnificent journeys at sea. Rich with natural wonder and the ancient remnants of a storied past, Italy is a maritime paradise best enjoyed with the freedom and comfort of a private yacht charter.

The Moorings makes sailing in Italy effortlessly unforgettable. Choose from any one of three departure points—Procida, Sicily, or Cannigione—and explore a unique array of secluded coasts, gorgeous locales and tantalizing flavors as timeless as the shores themselves.

Sail from Procida and let the wind guide you past the Bay of Naples to the secluded isles of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Enjoy the short passage and breathtaking scenery from your deck as you shore up to anchorages like Ischia Island, a coastal paradise best known for its beautiful thermal gardens. The gardens are also home to Nitrodi Hot Springs, a freshwater oasis for its rejuvenating warmth and purported healing properties.

harbor of Ischia’s old town

“The atmospheric harbor of Ischia’s old town is definitely worth a visit. Directly next to the floating pontoon moorings — which move during berthing maneuvers but are both safe and priceworthy — attractive restaurants and bars line up next to each other. The food is delicious and so is the wine.”  – Thomas D. Dobernigg, Editor-in-chief, Ocean7 Magazine

From Ischia, take an extended passage through the Tyrrhenian’s deep blue waters to Ponza. This remote isle features a variety of gorgeous beaches and ocean caves, perfect for exploring aboard the dinghy. Walk into town and explore Ponza’s quiet streets, or head to the beach for a barbeque dinner, made all the more unforgettable by the glow of the sunset off the horizon.

Sail eastward to the isle of Capri and enter a world of chic pleasures and old-world charm beloved by today’s traveling elite. Stroll the narrow streets of the public square, Piazza Umberto. You’ll be treated to a variety of upscale shops and restaurants, ideal for a feast of hand-made pasta or succulent seafood fresh from the coast. Or, enjoy a feast of the visual kind as you marvel at magnificent rock formations like the faraglioni and swim the emerald caves of the green grotto.

Aeolian Islands

A charter from Tropea treats you to a different kind of voyage. Step aboard and bask in the unspoiled wonder of the Aeolian Islands. Located just north of Sicily, this sailing ground offers the best of both chic and carefree atmospheres through islands like Panarea, Salina and Stromboli.

Famed for its stylish array of boutique shops, private villas, restaurants and nightclubs, Panarea is a haven of elegance, teeming with life from coast to coast. experience the city or kick back on its picturesque beaches. Visit Punta Milazzese, an excavated bronze-age village, and take a unique look into the Panarea’s intriguing past.

To the north, Salina provides a lush landscape of volcanic formations and rich vegetation that shines through in the flavors of island-grown figs, olive oils and the Salina’s signature Malvasia dessert wine.

For some of Italy’s best open-water sailing, a charter from Cannigione is a must. explore the stunning Maddalena archipelago National Park. Walk the streets and revel in the inspired architecture of Porto Rotondo, or relax on the powdery shores of Caprera with myriad opportunities for swimming and snorkeling in crystalline waters.

Wherever you choose, the waters of Italy will inspire a getaway to cherish for ages to come. Escape with The Moorings and make your moments in the Mediterranean simply unforgettable. 


Leslie Montenegro

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