Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, the Aeolian Islands (also known as the Lipari Islands) are situated just above Sicily at the southern edge of the Tyrrhenian Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean 475 miles in length and 60 miles wide.

Corsica and Sardinia to the northwest, Elba Island to the north, and the boot of Italy to the east make up its borders. The Aeolian archipelago – Lipari, Salina, Stromboli, Panarea, Filicudi, Alicudi, and Basiluzzo – is rugged, beautiful, and mostly undeveloped. Thirty nautical miles from Stromboli, the easternmost of the Aeolians, is the Calabria region of southern Italy and the picturesque harbor of Tropea, where the Moorings base is ideally located for the start of a Calabria sailing vacation. Sailors enjoying a more lengthy Calabria yacht charter can also visit Palermo, the capital of Sicily, and the Egadi Islands to the west of Sicily. Regardless of the itinerary, a fine blend of magnificent sailing, snorkeling in crystal clear water, scenic hiking trails, upscale dining, boutique shopping, and intriguing sightseeing in picturesque towns with roots dating back to ancient Greece and Rome is guaranteed to inspire fond memories for years to come.

Season: This charter destination is closed from early November to end of March.

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Cruising in Tropea

A Calabria sailing vacation on Italy’s Tyrrhenian Sea is a cruise through a Mediterranean paradise. The passages between islands are mostly short, providing plenty of time to enjoy all the pleasures of sailing as well as for sojourns ashore to explore, sample the local cuisine, and to sit idly with a cocktail at a café to soak in the wonders of Italy’s southern coast. Gentle and warm summer winds from the northwest average between 8 and 12 knots. Land and sea breezes develop daily. In late afternoon, for example, more southerly winds can be expected. Spring and fall sailing is also quite pleasant. The tidal range is just one to two feet and therefore tidal currents are not a concern. Wind-driven currents, common in trade wind belts, are not an issue either. A Calabria yacht charter is well within the reach of sailors who have basic skills in coastal navigation. The beauty and unique character of these waters lures less experienced and veteran sailors alike to return time after time for more adventures. Summer temperatures range between 77°F and 90°F.

Tropea Highlights

Swimming and snorkeling at beautiful beaches along the shores of the rocky islands, scenic bays filled with local fishing craft, quiet waterfront towns where pink, white, and yellow homes and shops paint the steep slopes in a pleasing and timeless mosaic, these are among the charms that make a Calabria sailing vacation an exquisite experience. The Aeolian Islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea are known for the active volcano of Stromboli and for the hot springs, thermal baths, and rejuvenating mineral water, long renowned for its supposed healing power, of Vulcano and other nearby islands. And, of course, a Calabria yacht charter wouldn’t be complete without sightseeing in historic villages and savoring the local cuisine, some of the most delicious in the world. A wide variety of pleasures await sailors at every port of call. The getting there, white sails drawing in a balmy breeze, is at the heart of the adventure.