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Catamaran in Tahiti

When is the best time to sail in Tahiti

The best time to go to Tahiti on an idyllic sailing charter is between May-October.

With a wonderful tropical climate, mesmerizing marine life, breathtaking beaches and exquisite fine dining opportunities, setting sail in Tahiti offers the very best of the South Pacific.

Before you book your idyllic Tahitian vacation, you might be wondering when to visit Tahiti to get the most out of your trip. This is where we come in…

We’ve created this guide to support you with choosing the best time of year to go to Tahiti on a blissful yacht charter. From the differences in seasons to the best time to sail in Tahiti for cost, we’ve got you covered.

When is the high season in Tahiti?

In Tahiti, the year is split into two seasons, a wet season and a dry season:

You can find out average monthly weather conditions by heading to the ‘Useful Information’ tab on our Tahiti destination page. This is also where you can learn about health and safety ahead of your relaxing vacation. The safety of our customers is our highest priority which is why each of our destination pages features important safety information that you should know before you depart.

Unlike some of our sailing destinations, such as the BVI and the Bahamas, Tahiti doesn’t have a hurricane season, which means you can visit all year-around for a thrilling sailing vacation. That being said, the dry season makes it a true Summer paradise that all the family will love.

Are you thinking of booking a Winter escape and wondering where is best to visit? Take a look at our Caribbean destinations, where you’ll find peak seasons between December-April, the polar opposite to beautiful Tahiti.

Best time to sail in Tahiti for cost

The high season in Tahiti isn’t necessarily the most cost effective season to sail in Tahiti. Due to its popularity over the Summer months, you’ll find travel costs, excursion prices and daily expenses more expensive in June, July and August.

The memories you’ll create during this time are priceless, but if you’d prefer to set sail for less, the best time to visit Tahiti is on either side of the high season.

Known as the shoulder seasons, April-May and September-October sit on the edge of the dry and wet seasons, often bringing in less tourists and less expenses. This means you’ll also enjoy a more private, secluded sailing vacation in Tahiti.

These months still have sensational weather conditions with sizzling sunshine and calm waters, perfect for sitting back, relaxing and letting your skipper guide you around uninhabited islands.

Tips for choosing when to visit Tahiti

As Tahiti is a year-around sailing destination, each month of the year has its own pros and cons. Still can’t make your mind as to the best time of year to go to Tahiti on a relaxing sailing vacation?

Take a look at our top tips for choosing when to visit Tahiti on your next sailing charter:

Now that you’ve decided what time of year to sail in Tahiti, you can continue planning your dream yacht charter in the exceptional South Pacific. You can:

Want to ensure you’re traveling responsibly? Check out our sustainable travel policies and look at our top tips for eco-friendly sailing.

If you have any questions about the best time of year to visit Tahiti, or want to discuss your booking, get in touch with our Vacation Planners who will support you every step of the way.

Build a quote for your Tahiti yacht charter and book your slice of heaven today.



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