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35th America’s Cup

What to Know Before America’s Cup Kicks Off in Bermuda

The anticipation is building and the official America’s Cup countdown is underway! Bermuda is brimming with excitement and making the final touches to ensure the competition is fierce, fair, and unforgettable in the best way possible.

Whether you book an all-inclusive Crewed yacht with The Moorings to capture the ultimate viewing experience, plan an onshore stay at one of Bermuda’s premier resorts, or follow all the racing action from home via live app updates, the 35th America’s Cup is sure to deliver an elite sailing event unlike any other. There’s just a couple of months standing in between you and AC35 so now is the perfect time to get in the right state of mind before the competition kicks off in Bermuda.

America's Cup Match in Bermuda

Start with brushing up on your America’s Cup know-how by learning the basic history, as well as some fun facts & stats about the maritime event’s international significance. Don’t worry—since the roots of this time-honored trophy sport date back all the way to 1851, very few actually know all the “in’s and out’s” of the contest. But if you are privileged enough to attend America’s Cup, or if you just want to impress some fellow sailing enthusiasts, here are some interesting key facts & trivia:

America's Cup Kickoff
America's Cup Match

From its rich history to its unwavering tradition and internationally-worshipped trophy, America’s Cup fuels a worldwide passion for sailing and competition like no other. And since the highly-anticipated sporting event only occurs every three years, new followers and seasoned fans alike must remember to soak up as much of the action as possible with each passing week of sailing contested. So go ahead—get decked out in your most spirited team gear and mix up a batch of Gosling’s Rum Dark ’n Stormy’s for your best crew—and cheers to the 35th America’s Cup!

Meet us in Bermuda this summer for the ultimate spectator experience, where your private Crewed yacht awaits with first-class accommodations and priceless front-row views…


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