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Our Ocean Conservation Commitments

Our Ocean Conservation Commitments

There’s almost something magical about the healing effects that salty sea breezes and calming ocean currents have on human beings. In fact, the curing powers of saltwater are so strong that our bodies actually crave it on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are many ways to satisfy the craving for open-water adventure and sea-inspired rejuvenation, but there is a limited number of ways to ensure the long-term quality of our oceans.

By combining its global reach with the thoughtfulness of many conscientious guests, The Moorings believes it can make a difference in ocean conservation and leave a positive legacy behind for generations to come. As part of the ongoing efforts to support the sailing community, preserve the integrity of top vacation destinations, and maintain a respectful relationship with the environment, The Moorings is proud to support the ocean sustainability initiatives of the following groups:

One Cup at a TimeSaltwater Cures Everything sign

The newest of The Moorings’ social responsibility partners, One Cup at a Time, is a true grass-roots campaign headed up by a sailing duo band who call themselves Stell and Snuggs. Their goal is to rally with consumers to massively reduce plastic cup waste in the Caribbean, which in turn provides cleaner coastal waters and more eco-friendly habitats.

By teaming up with The Moorings, Stell and Snuggs are planning to bring awareness to their cause by providing BVI charterers with one metal cup per person on board. Then, the hope is that guests will feel inspired to promote #onecupatatime by bringing the reusable cup along to each restaurant and bar visited along the way, thus helping to minimize plastic cup use and harmful waste.

Hello OceanDolphin swimming underwater

The one-of-a-kind partnership between The Moorings and Hello Ocean, who just completed their second research-under-sail expedition in Belize last month, comes with great opportunity and even greater good. Providing state-of-the-art sailing yachts to Hello Ocean allows scientists to track marine mammal behavior and conduct important research relevant to the project’s ocean conservation initiatives. By bringing science and sailing together in such a powerful way, they aim to protect the sea and hopefully preserve precious marine mammal populations. 




Our memories of the ocean will linger on long after our footprints in the sand are gone. Let us never forget to take care of our natural environment and all of its precious creatures to ensure its beauty and bounty for centuries to come.

Manta ray underwater

Learn more about World Ocean’s Day and what you can do close to home to protect our oceans.

Events surrounding World Ocean’s Day


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