Engagement and education for our customer and our employees

Engagement and education for our customer and our employees

We educate and empower our colleagues to identify and deliver on sustainability initiatives within our base and our office locations. As well as providing opportunities for our customers to experience a yachting holiday in a sustainable way.

Our OCEAN Promise identifies our 5 core pillars of focus. Below you will find more information around our “Engagement & Education” initiatives:

Staff Education and Engagement

Encouraging a more sustainable workplace

We genuinely want to create a fantastic company for customers to travel with and workplace for our staff, that is enjoyable and reflects the inspiring experiences that our brands and locations offer. However, we must ensure our approach to sustainability spurs positive change in the appropriate areas. Therefore, we have taken the time to learn what is essential to our customers, and our employees.

We have an extensive geographic reach, not just in the destinations we offer our customers but at our head offices too. Our locations include, the UK, USA, France, Germany, South Africa, and Australia, so it is crucial that our teams not only hear about sustainability, but also see these practices implemented within their offices. Below are some of the key actions we have taken within our head office locations:

Introduction to Sustainability Induction

As part of our standard induction for all new employees we now have a section that provides an ‘Introduction to Sustainability’. This introduces Our Ocean Promise and demonstrates to all new members of the team that this is an important area of focus for us as a business. It also invites new staff to ask questions about this topic and get involved if this is something they are passionate about. Ensuring our business is sustainable needs to be a priority to all staff no matter their role therefore prompting engagement and education will ensure sustainability is a lens everyone uses within their job.

Monthly Sustainability Newsletter

Our monthly sustainability newsletter highlights the progress we are making in this area. We share key changes from across the whole business, encourage staff to take advantage of their charity days and spotlight some of the great things team members have achieved during their charitable time. The newsletters play a key role in reinforcing a positive outlook, increasing engagement and education, and offering new insight for each employee on how they can make small changes to be more sustainably minded.

Charity Days for Staff

We have taken the time to understand what is important to our people to ensure our approach to sustainability drives positive change in the right areas. As such, as part of our internal engagement & education strategy, our people policies and processes underpin our ethos by creating a work environment that supports finding the right talent and rewarding and developing them in the right way to be the best that they can be for customers and clients.

So, we offer each employee up to 2 paid working days to go out and support the charity of their choice, whether it be a team or solo initiative – we are proud to support our staff in getting involved.

This wonderful initiative has been in place for more than 15 years. We have a list of how our global teams have utilised their charity days over the years, and continue to encourage more staff to take advantage of these days and give back.

A flavour of the kind of things our teams have been involved in over the years:


Tips for our customers when out on the water

We all have an essential part to play in ensuring a sustainable future for our planet’s oceans, and the good news is there are things you can do on your next charter getaway to help ensure our seas can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Read more on eco-friendly charters here:
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Southampton Boat Show Award

In 2022, during the Southampton Boat Show, The Moorings achieved a notable accomplishment by securing the third-place position in the environmental awards. This prestigious accolade is presented to exhibitors who demonstrate a strong commitment to environmentally responsible behaviour and sustainable work practices. The Moorings dedication to embracing eco-friendly initiatives and promoting sustainable practices within the marine industry has been recognised and commended through this achievement.

The sustainability award is presented to the exhibitor who makes the most significant contribution towards sustainability through their stand and operations at the show. This recognition can be earned by adopting practices such as designing reusable stands, actively sharing ideas and resources with others, or implementing a comprehensive green exhibiting strategy. The recipient of this award showcases exemplary dedication to promoting sustainability and serves as an inspiration to others in the industry.

The mandatory exhibitor obligations include:

We have embraced a paperless approach, eliminating the use of paper throughout our operations at Southampton Boat Show, and established a partnership with Lost Years Rum, an exceptional spirit’s brand, that deeply aligns with our values, carrying out a significant mission of saving and safeguarding endangered sea turtles.

When serving drinks with our drinks partner, we ensured they were served in compostable cups, while our staff members were equipped with reusable bottles and had access to our water tanks. Throughout the duration of the show, we designated a sustainability champion who was readily available to engage with visitors and discuss our new framework, highlighting our commitment to a greener future.

Furthermore, we used a QR code that customers can scan to access our advice on being socially and environmentally conscious during their charter experience. This valuable resource covers a wide range of topics, including waste reduction and management, as well as guidelines on responsible behaviour around marine life.

This experience led us to recognise the necessity of developing a blueprint for a sustainable trade show. As we participate in shows worldwide, creating a comprehensive “code of conduct” and a list of considerations in this domain has proven essential in establishing consistency across all our engagements. This proactive approach ensures that sustainability remains at the forefront of our operations, regardless of the location or scale of the trade show.

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