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St. Lucia

Discover whimsical charm and unspoiled rainforests aboard your own yacht in stunning St. Lucia. With an eclectic background comprised of French and British influence, mountainous volcanic origin, and a unique blend of Caribbean culture, St. Lucia is an idyllic place for vacation in paradise. Seek tranquility and adventure as you sail smoothly around the natural wonder of the majestic Pitons, treat your taste buds to flavorsome island cuisine, bask in the lush tropical scenery, and surrender to the sparkling sea for some first-rate snorkeling and diving. Continue exploring with a cruise south to the nearby Tobago Cays, or consider a one-way charter to Grenada to experience all that the Windward Islands have to offer. 



St. Lucia Sailing Charter

Clear navigation and sparkling bays aren’t the only draws for sailors coasting along the area’s waters. Banana plantations, a dormant volcano, Mustique dining and the towering view of the Pitons will leave you breathless and searching for more in this Caribbean wonder.

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  • The Pitons-St. Lucia
  • Exhilarating Sailing
  • Boat Builders of Bequia
  • Dining in Mustique
  • Crescent Beach Salt Whistle Bay
  • Snorkeling and Diving-Tobago Cays

St. Lucia Crewed Charter

Leave the planning to your crew and simply enjoy being among the beauty of the Windward Islands. The trade winds fill the air and spectacular scenes such as the towering Pitons that rise from a lush green forest and look over the tranquil sea, will leave you captivated.  

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  • The Breathtaking Pitons of St. Lucia
  • Basil’s Bar in Mustique
  • Seafaring History and Boat Building of Bequia
  • Crescent Beach Salt Whistle Bay
  • The Botanical Gardens in St. Vincent
  • The Tobago Cays-Snorkeling and Diving

St. Lucia Power Charter

Go farther and see more with the speed of a Moorings Power yacht charter from St. Lucia. Enjoy complete freedom as you cruise the bright blue seas to breathtaking nearby islands like Martinique, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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  • The Pitons-St. Lucia
  • Easy Cruising
  • Mt. Pelee
  • Excellent diving/snorkeling
  • French, Caribbean and Creole Cuisine
  • Quiet beaches
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