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Moorings yacht sailing in Thailand

Power Catamaran vs Sailing Catamaran: Which is better for your vacation?

Anyone passionate about sailing has their two cents to add to the “sail vs motor yacht” debate. 

Many swear by classic sailing yachts reveling in the bliss of cruising with the sun overhead and the wind in the sail. But there are also many arguments to be made for power yachts. They offer a more hands-off way to sail, and often more luxury – If you need a vacation of complete relaxation, a power charter may be the better choice.

In this blog, we’ll be taking you through what makes sailing and power yachts unique so that you can make an informed choice for your dream vacation in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and beyond.

What is a Sailing Catamaran?

We offer two types of sailing yachts here at The Moorings: catamarans, which have two hulls, and monohulls, which have one, both with extraordinary sails.

When you think of a sailboat, a monohull is likely what comes to mind, but a sailing catamaran is ideal when you want all the charm of a sailing yacht but more space for your friends and family. Read our Beginner’s Guide to Sailing Catamarans for more information.

The Moorings Sailing Catamaran

Sailing Catamaran Yacht Advantages

It’s easy to see why sail yachts are so beloved – they offer an incredibly rewarding experience to people who live and breathe sailing. Here are some points in favor of choosing a sailing catamaran over a power catamaran:

1. Sail catamarans are blissfully quiet

If what you want from a sailing vacation is a complete break from the constant noise of regular life, sail yachts are perfect for you. Since they aren’t reliant on engines, it will just be you, your loved ones, and the waves. Sailing catamarans are perfect for mindful getaways.

2.  They’re a great sustainable travel option

We understand how important it is to push forward with more sustainable practices in sailing. Sailing catamarans are powered by the wind, making them a clean and green vacation option. Take a look at our eco-friendly sailing tips for more information on how to travel sustainably.

3. Sailing catamarans are incredibly rewarding to charter

Operating sail yachts undeniably requires a lot of skill, but that’s what makes them such a dream for people who are truly passionate about sailing. There is no better way to build your confidence than to take the reins on a sailing catamaran – you learn so much about yourself as you sail through different conditions and get to know how to work in harmony with your yacht.

Never set sail before and want to challenge yourself to a bareboat charter? Take a look at the requirements for chartering a yacht.

What is a Power Catamaran?

Power catamarans, or “powercats”, are catamarans without the grand sail at the top. 
They still feature two hulls and share many design features with sailing catamarans, such as spacious cockpits and wide beams. This makes them a quick, modern and stylish alternative to sailing catamarans, and a perfect choice for groups looking to spend as much time as possible island-hopping.

Power Catamaran Yacht Advantages

When it comes to the sail vs power yacht debate, each one is unique and offers an equally idyllic experience. However, some key features of power yachts may encourage you to choose one for your next charter.

Moorings power catamaran in the Bahamas

1. Power yachts are easy to operate

If you’re still fairly new to sailing and have not built up the confidence to tackle a sailing yacht, but are not interested in a skippered or crewed charter, a power catamaran is a brilliant choice for your sailing vacation.

Equipped with world-class technologies and designed with maximum manoeuvrability in mind, they are easy to operate, offering a hassle-free experience for sailors of all abilities.

2.  They’re faster and more powerful

If you’re seeking a slower, more tranquil pace for your vacation, a sailing yacht will be ideal. However, if you want to feel the wind rushing through your hair and want to maximize your itinerary, choose a power catamaran.

3. Power catamarans are incredibly spacious

If you’re looking for true luxury, you will fall in love with a power catamaran. Not only is there often more underfloor space in a motor yacht than a sailing yacht, but you often have the benefit of a flybridge where there would otherwise be a sail – this is the perfect space for socializing with friends, eating dinner, and admiring the views. 
Learn more about the Benefits of Chartering a Power Catamaran.

Power VS Sail Catamaran: Which will you choose?

Sailing and Power catamarans also have many shared advantages that make either one of them the perfect companion for your next yacht charter. Some of the similarities include:

The sail vs motor yacht debate has a simple conclusion: the choice as to which one is better depends on your own requirements. If you want a faster, more spacious yacht then consider a Power catamaran. If you want to be at one with the wind then challenge yourself to a Sailing charter.

We offer sailing yacht charters in all of our destinations, from the BVI and Antigua to Croatia and the Bahamas. Whether you want a Winter break in the Caribbean or Summer vacation in the Mediterranean, our sailing catamarans are available. We are also proud to offer relaxing Power charters in seven destinations, including Athens, Abacos and Seychelles
If you have any questions about our Power or Sailing charters, please get in touch with us today.



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